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Students of the Month at Jackson Middle School

September 2014

February 2014

Ms. Lindsey Gross salutes Sean Brown
Sean has worked hard at school.  Sean is helpful when asked, by all teachers, to do tasks at school.  I have enjoyed Sean being part of my class this year.  I look forward to a wonderful school year.

Mrs. Sherry Ford salutes Daniel Dickerson
Daniel is a model student in our classroom. His hard work and approachable attitude is noticed during group work, Daniel always has a smile on his face and shows kindness to everyone he comes in contact with. He shows respect to his classmates and friends and, in turn, is respected by them. Dan is a joy to have in class and I know that he will do great things in school and in life! I’m honored to call him our “Student of the Month.”

Mrs. Glasstetter salutes Jeffery Williams
Jeffery is enthusiastic about reading in our Reading Strategies class. He is always on task during SSR, read alouds and class work. He is a hard worker with a good attitude. Jeffery is one of the most thoughtful and generous students I have met at JMS. He shows concern for others by offering o help when assistance is needed. Thank you Jeffery!

Mr. Adams salutes Zoe Freeman
Zoe has always been there to help other students if they ask. She works very hard in class and strives to do her best! Keep up the great work!

Mr. Gross salutes Ray Hamm
Ray is a very hard working student. He pays attention in class. He completes his work and is a leader among his peers. I am honored to nominate Ray for his well-deserved award.

Mr. Haertling salutes Mac Kenzie Stoner
From the first day at school, I could tell MacKenzie is a special person. She was willing to give tours of the school and patiently helped other students with their lockers. MacKenzie is a great student. She participates in class and always has an insight into our subjects. She is always smiling and usually laughing, even if it is at herself!! She is trustworthy and does not take advantage of the privileges that she receives working with student ambassadors. MacKenzie has a strong faith and this shows in her everyday actions. In short, she is an outstanding student that deserves this award.

Jason Bruns salutes Brielle Blackman
Brielle has shown what hard work can accomplish more than anyone else I have in class this year. She has shown from the beginning of school a “no quit” attitude when it comes to learning the concepts presented in science class. She sets a great example for those around her and that is why I have nominated her for Student of the Month.

Coach Berry salutes Chayton Bass
Chayton shows up to class with a positive attitude, willingness to help and displays leadership qualities among his peers. He is pleasant to have as a student.

Barb Breer salutes Sara Alsharmmary
Sara is working very hard to improve her reading fluency and comprehension. She does not have to be reminded to get out a book and begin her independent reading. She has already completed three book projects on the books she has read independently. Her attitude and cooperation in class are above average.

Coach Abernathy salutes Carly Welch

  • Responsible
  • Respectful
  • Fantastic Grades

Tom Broussard salutes Rylee Mills
Rylee Mills is a wonderful student who greets each class with outstanding enthusiasm. In just a short time, he has become a wonderful trombonist. I am very proud of his work ethic and strives daily to be the best in class. It is with honor that I nominate Rylee Mills for Student of the Month.