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Students of the Month at Jackson Middle School

December 2014

December 2014

Student Jesse Yount
Nominated by Mrs. Wally
Jesses has many wonderful qualities that make him my choice for student of the month.  He has wonderful work habits, fantastic attitude and willingness to help others.  He is also an outstanding student!  He perseveres to grasp concepts and has a “pay it forward” attitude toward his fellow students.  It is a pleasure to teach him and watch him grow into not only a scholar math student but a wonderful human being.  Congratulations Jesse!!

Student Dalton Schroeder
Nominated by Ms. Lori Little
Dalton is a very kind, sweet conscientious student that makes me laugh and gets along with everyone.  He never brings any unnecessary attention to himself and requires very little prompting or assistance.  He normally flies “under the radar” but not this time!  Congratulations Dalton!

Student Maddie Bell
Nominated by Mrs. Terri Welker
Maddie is a young lady who does not attract undo attention to herself.  Rather, she is a quiet helper.  She sees things that need to be done in the classroom, and takes care of them.  She shows leadership through great character example with her peers.  Maddie is proof of a good work ethic and a positive attitude paying off because these qualities have earned her my nomination as student of the month.

Student Katelyn Miller
Nominated by Mr. Brown
Katelyn comes to class every morning with a positive attitude.  I have seen her help out classmates multiple times throughout the year.  She is always kind to her peers and doing what she is supposed to be doing.  Katelyn is an excellent student with fantastic grades!  I am proud to choose her as “student of the month”!

Student Owen Boyer
Nominated by Ms. Alisha Turley
I select Owen Boyer as Student of the Month for many reasons.  He is polite, conscientious and hardworking; his excellent grades reflect that.  He strives to do his very best in school and is always willing to help others.  He is a great example for other students and has a very bright future ahead of him.  Congratulations, Owen!

Student Ella Outman
Nominated by Mrs. Tara Wortmann
I believe Ella Outman is worthy of “Student of the Month” because she is a great example for her peers.  She is hardworking, helpful to other students and is a pleasant person to work with.  I enjoy having Ella in class and look forward to seeing her continue to grow as a student and individual.

Student Destinee  Monighan
Nominated by Mrs. Shelton
Destinee goes above and beyond always.  She tries hard, stays positive and is kind to everyone!  Many times I have watched her help peers and encourage them.  She also loved to help me with extras.  Destinee is a great student and talented artist!  Congrats!  You’ve earned it!  PS—Thank you!

Student Doug Cook
Nominated by Ms. Chelsea Tornetto
Doug is an incredibly hardworking young man who always gives 100% in everything he does.  I can always count on his positive attitude and genuine interest in learning to pick me up when I’m having a bad day.  I especially enjoy hearing him talk about a novel he likes—I am so glad he enjoys reading!  With continued hard work and his positive attitude, I know Doug can accomplish anything he sets his mind to!