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Students of the Month at Jackson Middle School

February 2014

February 2014

Mr. Broussard salutes Dylan Brott
Dylan has a wonderful attitude and works very hard every day.  He always provides a wonderful work ethic.

Coach Berry salutes Hank  Warren
Hank comes to class with a positive attitude every day and does a great job.  He is always prepared for class and very respectful.

Mrs. Ford salutes Haley McElvoy
Haley is a remarkable young lady!  She comes to school with a positive attitude and works her best at all times.  She has a kind heart and is very approachable.  Haley is a model student and she has the respect of  her classmates as well as her teachers.  She is a joy to have in the classroom.

Ms. Gross salutes Maegen Farrow
Maegen Farrow show exceptional leadership skills inside the classroom and in the community.  She is an active member of THRIVE at JMS.  Maegen is always asking and answering questions in class.  She truly wants to understand what is being taught.  Meagen goes the extra mile, doing extra practice work at home.  I enjoy having Maegen’s smiling face in class every day!

Mr. Adams salutes Blake Barnes
Blakc as been a great example of a student leader and has shown great work ethic and effort throughout the school year.  I feel as though Blake has been a great model student for his fellow classmates and always has a smile on his face.  Congratulations to you on this great accomplishment.

Mrs. Glastetter salutes Jared O’Kelly
Jared work hard in Reading Strategies!  He is focused and dedicated to his reading.  He participates well in class and gets excited about books he is reading.  Jared’s one-minute fluency scores and MAZE scores have improved!  Keep up the good work, Jared!

Mr. Gross salutes Laura Bertrand
Laura is a hard working student who cares about her grades and learning the information presented in class.  She is always paying attention in class.  If she has a question, she asks.  Laura is willing to help others when they ask.  Laura is an outstanding student and I enjoy having her in class!

Coach Abernathy salutes Kalli Mayfield

Mr. Bruns salutes Nathan Luevano
Nathan has shown great enthusiasm towards science all year.  He goes above what is expected  and pushes himself to gain knowledge in all fields of science.  I appreciate the drive he exhibits in my classroom.

Ms. Breer salutes Nikki Evans
Nikki is reading like “crazy”.  I never have to tell her to get out a book.  She is constantly going to the library for something new.  As a result, Nikki’s fluency and comprehension levels are steadily increasing.  Her attitude and work ethic are outstanding.  She is very deserving of this award.

Mr. Haertling salutes Landon Carlton
Landon is one of those students who consistently comes to class with a smile on his face, a great attitude and a sincere desire to learn.  He asks thoughtful questions and I can count on him to do his best work at all times.  He is thoughtful of others in class and participates in any group.  Landon is one of those students that make teaching so rewarding!