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Payment Requirements for Special Cases

Maternity Cases
Having a baby may affect a family’s ability to meet financial obligations unless plans are made in advance. Recognizing this fact, our Patient Accounts personnel are available to help you plan payments and, if necessary, arrange for a loan through the Hospital’s Medical Finance Program.

If you have not been in a hospital or nursing home within the last 60 days, you will owe the first day deductible established by the Medicare program. While a patient at Southeast, you will not owe any more than this unless:

  • You request a private room. If so, you will owe the difference between the private room charge and the charge for a semi-private room.
  • You receive a test requiring physician interpretation or Emergency Department physician services. These services are covered by Part B of the Medicare program and have a separate deductible. If you have not filed claims for physician services for more than Medicare Part B’s deductible amount during the current calendar year, you will owe the remaining deductible amount plus any coinsurance amount determined by Medicare on the remaining balance.
  • You are admitted to an outpatient category of care for the purpose of observation.
  • A portion of your stay is "non-covered." If so, you may owe the full charges for that particular period of time. This could happen if you are hospitalized for services excluded by Medicare such as routine tooth extractions or physical examinations, or if your condition does not require acute care.
  • You have a stay that exhausts your full coverage days. In this case you may owe co-insurance deductibles or lifetime reserve deductible amounts.

NOTE: Inpatient Medicare coverage exists only for “acute care,” as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. If at any time during the course of your hospitalization, the Hospital or your physician feels you no longer require acute care, (as it is defined), you may be notified that Medicare benefits will not be payable after two days from the date of notification. Your appeal rights are carefully explained in the notification, and our Case Management personnel are available to assist in this appeal process.


Filing Procedure for Supplemental Insurance
If you have other insurance policies to supplement Medicare, we ask that you either pay the deductible at dismissal or make an assignment of these benefits to the Hospital. Any overpayment due you will be promptly refunded.

Medicare Exclusions
Certain types of hospital care and treatment are specifically excluded from coverage under the Medicare program. Please refer to the separate letter, given to you upon registration, describing items and services not covered by Medicare.

Payments on your account can be made in the Cashier’s Office located on the Hospital’s first floor near the Lobby. Office hours are from 7:30 am until 6 pm.


Business Office
Locations and Phone Numbers

Patient Accounts Representative:
A Patient Accounts representative can be reached by calling 573-651-5511 during regular business hours.

The Hospital’s Insurance Office is located at 301 South Broadview in Cape Girardeau.
Phone 573-651-5515 for Commercial claims
Phone 573-651-5567 for Medicaid claims
Phone 573-651-5567 for Blue Cross claims
Phone 573-651-5514 for Medicare claims