State of the Art Imaging Technology Helps Target Cancer

Imaging Services offers an array of technology designed to diagnose illness and disease with precision. The state-of-the-art imaging center includes the first permanent PET/CT scanner in our region, providing diagnostic services five days a week. In addition, Imaging Services houses an MRI scanner, a nuclear medicine imaging system, an ultrasound machine and digital diagnostic radiology equipment. There are also bariatric ceiling lifts in every room for increased comfort and safety for both the patient and employee.

Technology utilized by the Southeast Cancer Center include the following:

PET/CTPET/CT – Siemens Biograph mCT

  • Performs CT scans for diagnostic CT’s
  • The first fixed PET scanner in the region
  • Accommodates patients up to 227kg, or 500 pounds
  • 78” aperture (bore opening)
  • Has optimal software packaging to provide the best PET scans available to date

MR – Siemens Espree

  • 1.5 Tesla magnet “ultra short” gantry (125 cm or approximately 4’1”)
  • 70” aperture
  • Accommodates patients up to 250kg or 550 pounds
  • Because of the short gantry many exams can be done with the head out

Ultrasound – Siemens Acuson S2000

  • Perform all types of scans except OB

Nuclear MedicineNuclear Medicine – Siemens Symbia

  • Perform all types of scans except cardiac studies
  • Weight limit 500 lbs

Diagnostic – Siemens Ysio

  • Digital Radiographic Unit
  • Excellent Image quality
  • Weight limit of 660 lbs and lowers to a low 21# from the floor