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Online Epidural Class

Welcome to our online epidural class.  This class educates you on the anesthesia choices available, including the use of an epidural for labor.  It also discusses anesthesia options for Cesarean delivery, as well as the benefits, risks and potential complication involved.

How the class works:

This class consists of two parts.  To complete the first part of the class, please view the video above.   For the second part of the class, complete the short health history form, and submit it.  This information will be sent to the Nurse Navigator who will print off the completed form and place it in a folder created just for your information and is kept on the OB floor.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation that the form has been received after it has been reviewed by the Nurse Navigator.  When you actually come in for labor, the Anesthetist will review the information and you will sign the page indicating informed consent.

NOTE: If you have special anesthesia concerns or medical situations that may affect your anesthesia choices or if you prefer a private appointment, it is recommended that you make an appointment with the Nurse Navigator at 573-331-6190.