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SoutheastHEALTH Doctors Provide Terrific Treatment for Teddy Bears


Five-year-old Graham Hasheider of Jackson brought his “ailing” white teddy bear named “Snowie” to the doctor’s office.

Classmate Wyatt Schuessler, 5, of Fruitland, Mo., brought his cuddly “Bumpy Bump” dog to be treated for a leg injury.

For the 21 kids from the Big Stuff Preschool in Fruitland, the Teddy Bear Clinic at SoutheastHEALTH’s West Campus on Tuesday, April 30, proved to be a big hit.

Three physicians on the West Campus and their staff weighed the stuffed animals, took their “blood pressure” and treated them for everything from headaches and broken bones to sprains and strains and other assorted make-believe injuries.

Southeast Primary Care physicians Danette Miller, MD, and Jamie Harrison, MD, and Mark C. Rusten, MD, of Southeast Ear, Nose & Throat “treated” the stuffed animals with everything from pretend shots and colorful Band-Aids to splints.

Dr. Rusten checked on the condition of 4-year-old Cameron Seay’s fuzzy duck. “I don’t think I ever looked up a duck’s nose before,” Dr. Rusten told the Jackson boy.

Addisyn Eubanks, 4, of Jackson brought her teddy bear to be doctored. “They gave him a shot,” she proudly noted.

Dr. Miller, whose 3-year-old son Ben Austin attends the pre-school, came up with the idea of the Teddy Bear Clinic to put children at ease when visiting the doctor.  “I just want them to learn to not be scared of going to the doctor,” she explained.

Not all of the teddy bears were sick. “Some of them just needed a checkup,” Dr. Miller observed. All of the stuffed animals received tender, loving care from the doctors and staff.

Each child received a colorful balloon after having his or her stuffed animal treated by the three doctors. “I think it went well,” a smiling Dr. Miller said as the excited children gathered in the waiting room after their doctors’ visits, hugging their stuffed animals.

Jamie Harrison and Graham Hasheider at the Teddy Bear Clinic

Jamie Harrison, MD, “treats” 5-year-old Graham Hasheider’s teddy bear “Snowie” at the Teddy Bear Clinic on Tuesday, April 30, at SoutheastHEALTH’s West Campus

Danette Miller, MD and Ava Massey at Teddy Bear Clinic

Danette Miller, MD, checks on 5-year-old Ava Massey’s teddy bear.

Mark Rusten, MD with Cameron Seay at the Teddy Bear Clinic

Mark C. Rusten, MD, examines 4-year-old Cameron Seay’s cuddly duck.

Big Stuff Preschool at the Teddy Bear Clinic

Big Stuff Preschool children and staff pose with SoutheastHEALTH physicians, left to right, Mark C. Rusten, MD, Jamie Harrison, MD, and Danette Miller, MD, and preschool staff member Elizabeth Ervin.

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