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Southeast SportsCare Aids Jackson High School Athletes


Jackson High School relies on Southeast SportsCare for sports medicine services, a move that high school officials say greatly aids the student athletes.

Since the 2011-2012 school year, Southeast SportsCare has been the exclusive provider of sports medicine at Jackson High School.  The team, made up of an orthopedic surgeon, athletic trainers, physical therapists and SportsCare field representatives, provides quality sports medicine for Jackson’s athletes.

Jason Moore and Ashley Angerer are on the front lines daily.  They are the certified athletic trainers responsible for evaluating and treating injuries suffered during practice and competition. They also administer baseline and post-injury concussion testing to all contact-sport athletes in an effort to closely monitor traumatic brain injuries. Southeast SportsCare aids in the funding of ImPACT concussion testing for the Jackson athletes.

If an athlete is evaluated by certified athletic trainers and needs further care, the athlete sees team physician James Edwards, MD, of Advanced Orthopedic Specialists. Dr. Edwards is present on the sideline at all home football games. In addition, Dr. Edwards sees patients at his office and, if necessary, performs surgery.  

Rehabilitation is provided by physical therapists at HealthPoint Rehab in Jackson. Physical therapists Andrea Marchi, Allison Keith and Vicki Keller work with athletes who are unable to practice due to injury and also see athletes before and after a surgical procedure. Once an athlete is ready to return to play, the physical therapist and athletic trainer work together to ensure the athlete can perform the skills necessary to return to his or her sport.

HealthPoint Fitness staff work with athletes on sport-specific injury prevention programs such as SportsMax, SportsMetrics and customized programs for teams and individuals. For the past two summers, for example, the Jackson Cross Country team has worked with strength and conditioning specialist Ryan Kloeppel.

Athletic trainers also utilize Southeast Convenient Care in Jackson, where nurse practitioners provide further evaluation on possible musculoskeletal injuries using the facility’s imaging services.

“The opening of Southeast Convenient Care is significant for the entire Jackson community. In most cases, athletes who used to be sent to the Southeast Hospital Emergency Department in Cape Girardeau now are seen in Jackson,” says Angerer, one of the athletic trainers.

Jackson High School Athletic Director John Martin says, “Our partnership with Southeast SportsCare has been a tremendous benefit for our athletes because it allows everyone involved to be on the same page.”

He adds, “The athletic trainers do a great job of communicating with our coaches and parents on treatment plans for our athletes in order to get them back on the playing field or court as quickly as possible.”

Mathew Carter, Ashley Angerer, Ryan Kloeppel, Katie Niles, Dr. James Edwards, Andrea Marchi, Jason Moore

SportsCare staff from left: (front row) field representative Mathew Carter; athletic trainer Ashley Angerer; HealthPoint strength and conditioning specialist Ryan Kloeppel; and field representative Katie Niles; (second row) orthopedic surgeon James Edwards, MD; physical therapist Andrea Marchi; and athletic trainer Jason Moore.

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