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SoutheastHEALTH Recognized as Fit-Friendly Worksite


The American Heart Association for the third year in a row has recognized SoutheastHEALTH as a Fit-Friendly worksite for creating a culture of wellness in the workplace.

That culture includes providing subsidized memberships and payroll deduction for employees who join HealthPoint Fitness, offering healthy food choices in the Hospital cafeteria and identifying designated walking routes.

The Heart Association recently announced that Southeast earned Gold-level status for 2013. In all, the Association recognized 291 worksites in the 11-state Midwest Affiliate region. Combined, those companies employ about 704,000 people.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and physical inactivity doubles the risk.

Studies suggest that by starting a worksite wellness program and promoting a culture of activity, employers can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, lower turnover and reduce healthcare costs, the Heart Association says.

Scott Givens, manager of HealthPoint Fitness in Jackson, says he sees the benefits of healthy employees. “Such employees have more energy and are stronger, which helps with daily activities and reduces injuries,” he notes.

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