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Students of the Month at Central Middle School

April 2014

Southeast Hospital supports our Adopt A School, Central Middle School. Each Month, we participate in their Student of the Month ceremony, handing out special Orange Ribbons to the winners.

April 2014 Student of the Month - 5th Grade


Ms. Branch salutes Landon Stewart
Landon Stewart is the Student of the Month for Ms. Branch’s class.  Landon is a great part of our class.  He is a great role model and makes great choices.  Landon always has a smiling face that matches his cheerful personality. Landon and I love to talk about Blue's hockey.  In fact, if I miss a game I can rely on Landon to fill me in!  Thank you, Landon, for being a great student and classmate, and for ROARing at CMS!

Mr. Brown salutes Brenden Coleman
Brenden Coleman is the Student of the Month for Mr. Brown’s class.  Brenden is a hard working student who consistently has quality worked completed on time.  He made the honor roll again in the third quarter and has not let his effort fade as we near the end of the school year.  Brenden has been a good student all year and I am blessed to have him in my class.

Ms. Cuba salutes Te’Anna Burns
Te’Anna Burns is the Student of the Month for Ms. Cuba’s class.  Te’Anna is a thoughtful young lady with a great sense of humor.  She comes to school every day with a smile on her face and a great attitude.  Te’Anna works hard every quarter to make sure that her work is completed with perfection.  She always seeks extra practice and extra help to make sure she understands the standards.  Keep up the hard work!  I am so proud of you, Te’Anna!

Mrs. Green salutes Abby Arbeiter
Abby Arbeiter is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Green’s class.  Abby shows a true love of learning, is an avid reader, works hard, and follows the PBS expectations consistently.  She is involved in many activities at CMS and demonstrates great responsibility.  Abby is a joy to have in our class!

Mrs. Hecht salutes Nathan Caldwell
Nathan Caldwell is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Hecht’s class.  Nathan is an exceptional student.  He comes to school with a great attitude, does his very best work on every assignment, and consistently follows our PBS expectations.  Nathan helps to make my day brighter with his kind heart and impeccable manners.  Thanks for being you, Nathan!!!

Mrs. Hunter salutes Arionna Thomas
Arionna Thomas is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Hunter’s class.  She is such a fantastic young lady! She has been with us for several weeks now, but followed every expectation on her first day! Arionna is a sweet, polite, sharp student and I am so glad she came to CMS. Way to go Arionna!!

Mr. Musial salutes Emma McDougal
Emma McDougal is the Student of the Month for Mr. Musial’s class.  She is driven to do her best and is always wanting to learn something new.  She is kind, caring and passionate about being a role model for her class and school.  Emma will always go that extra mile to get the job done at an Advanced level.  It is a pleasure to have Emma in my class.   

Mrs. Nugent salutes Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Nugent’s class.  Alex is such a delight to see every day!  Since the beginning of the school year, Alex has followed directions quickly and has been a model for all students to follow.  Being kind to others is one of Alex’s best characteristics.  Working immediately on all assignments and completing all of them on time makes him my number one choice.  Way to go, Alex!  I am very proud of you!

Mrs. Parker salutes Elijah Wigfall
Elijah Wigfall is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Parker’s class.  Elijah Wigfall is a smart, friendly, and energetic young man.  He has many skills but is especially good at staying in his seat. Just ask his friends. He is social but never disrespectful.  Elijah always pays attention to the lesson and gives his best effort.  Congratulations Elijah.

Mrs. Radake salutes Grayson Jones
Grayson Jones is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Radake’s class.  I cannot think of a better student of the month than Grayson.  She is such a great role model to others, and is always one of the first ones to follow expectations.  At the end of the day, Grayson has also been a great help to me around the classroom.  So, this month it was an easy choice.  Thanks for all you do Grayson!

Mrs. Schroeder salutes Hope Stafford
Hope Stafford is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Schroeder’s class.  What can I say about Hope?  She is just a joy to have in class.  She is always on task, she always has her assignments turned in on time, she is so friendly to all of her peers, she is just an all-around amazing person.  I am so blessed to see this young lady every day!  Thank you for helping make this year the best ever, Hope!  I'm so proud of all of your accomplishments!  Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Wischmann salutes Alyson Schroeder
Alyson Schroeder is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Wischmann’s class.  Alyson is an awesome student!  She is always setting perfect examples on how to R.O.A.R. at CMS.  I'm so very proud to have this sweet, caring, and extremely hard working young lady in my class! 

April 2014 Student of the Month - 6th Grade


Mr. Bradshaw salutes Makenzie Figliolo
Makenzie Figliolo is the Student for Mr. Bradshaw’s class.  Makenzie’s excellent work ethic and cheerful attitude make her a joy to have in class.  She is always willing to do whatever is asked of her, and she does it to the best of her ability.  Mak’s sunny smile makes you want to smile back.  Her compassion for others and admirable work ethic make her a strong role model for the rest of the student body.  Thank you, Mak, for your ongoing contributions to Central Middle School and congratulations on being named our Student of the Month. 

Mrs. Brown salutes Nicholas Marston
Nicholas Marston is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Brown’s class.  Nicholas is an amazing student.  He learns very quickly and excels in every class.  Not only is he a top-notch student, Nicholas is also an outstanding citizen, meeting all of the expectations at CMS.  Thank you for being the type of student that others can look up to!

Mrs. Dugan salutes Ivory Alexander
Ivory Alexander is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Dugan’s class.  Ivory is a phenomenal student who always strives to do his best while wearing a smile on his face. Ivory is never afraid to lend a helping hand to other students and has such a positive attitude about everything! We are so happy to have such a ROAR student with a contagious smile in our room!

Mrs. Fritsch salutes Kobe Gantt
Kobe Gantt is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Fritsch’s class.  Kobe is a very kind, polite, and well-mannered young man.  He is a friend to all and is willing to help anyone in need without being asked.  I’m fortunate to have Kobe in my class this year.  Congratulations Kobe.

Mrs. Halter salutes Megan Harding
Megan Harding is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Halter’s class.  Megan is a super role model for other students in her class.  She follows directions the first time they are given and is one of the most polite kids I know.  Megan is thoughtful and caring; and she always tries her very best.  Megan works hard to learn the standards and her persistence pays off.  I am so proud of you, Megan!

Mrs. Newman salutes Morgan Hessenkemper
Morgan Hessenkemper is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Newman’s class.  Morgan is mature beyond her years.  She is a top notch role model for ALL around her.  Morgan has superb study skills along with being an all-around good citizen...respectful and courteous to others.  Congratulations Morgan...thanks for being a positive influence in our classroom!

Mrs. Shaffer salutes Charles Hartline
Charles Hartline is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Shaffer’s class.  Charles has really made ROARing improvements over the past month and continues working on being a Responsible, Organized, Always Safe, and Respectful CMS student. I am SO proud of the positive changes I've seen in Charles! Way to go!

Mrs. Stevens salutes Tyler Helm
Tyler Helm is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Stevens’ class.  Tyler is an amazing young man. He is very kind-hearted. Tyler always tries his best on everything he does. He is also very helpful to others who may be struggling. Tyler is mature beyond his years. This maturity and determination will help him succeed in life. Tyler is a great example for others. Congratulations, Tyler Helm!

Mrs. Valleroy salutes Jake Coleman
Jake Coleman is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Valleroy’s class.  Jake Coleman is a great young man.  He works hard on his assignments always doing his best.  He starts every day ready to learn.  He follows the expectations of the school even if he doesn't think anyone is watching.  He is polite to everyone, adults and students both.  Congratulations Jake!!!!  You're awesome!!!!!!!

Mrs. Vaught salutes Alex Sanders
Alex Sanders is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Vaught’s class.  Alex Sanders is a top-notch student who takes his education seriously. He strives for excellence - practicing and retaking tests just to make the 100% he desires.  Alex is often a sage in the room helping other students understand information. I look forward to his smiling face every morning, and I appreciate his assistance cleaning the room every afternoon.  He is a blessing to have in class.

Ms. Wagner salutes Miguel Suchil
Miguel Suchil is the Student of the Month for Ms. Wagner’s class. Miguel is polite and courteous.  Classmates enjoy having him in class because he is helpful and nice.  While he is rather quiet, he still is a good friend.  We are impressed with his work ethic and his charisma.  Thanks for being a hard worker and bringing positive energy to our class.

Mrs. Werner salutes Kelandria Campbell
Kelandria Campbell is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Werner’s class.  Kelandria is a sweet, kindhearted and sensitive young lady who always obeys ALL CMS rules. She works very hard in class, and completes all her assignments on time. Kelandria is very positive, fun to be around and has the cutest smile and giggle that makes me laugh. Thank you Kelandria for making CMS a better place to learn and work.  We will miss you! CONGRATULATIONS!