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Students of the Month at Central Middle School

October 2014

Southeast Hospital supports our Adopt A School, Central Middle School. Each Month, we participate in their Student of the Month ceremony, handing out special Orange Ribbons to the winners.

October 2014 Students of the Month - 5th Grade


Mrs. Branch salutes Skii Carter
Skii Carter is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Branch’s class.  Skii ROARs everyday at CMS.  She always comes to school to learn the standards, has her work completed to the very best of her ability, and carries a beautiful smile that lights up the classroom.  Skii is a great friend and is a wonderful part of our CMS family!

Mr. Brown salutes Annika Hopper
Annika Hopper is the Student of the Month for Mr. Brown’s class.  Annika is a motivated worker who takes her class work very seriously and gives her best effort on a daily basis.  She is focused on instruction and actively participates in discussions and class activities.  Annika’s polite personality makes her a good role model and a friend of everyone at CMS.  She is a great all around student and I am blessed to have her in my class. 

Ms. Cuba salutes Shahde Thomas
Shahde Thomas is the Student of the Month for Ms. Cuba’s class.  Shahde is a delight to have in class.  She is a very hard worker and is always willing to help out in the classroom.  Shahde will always take time to help out students or teachers in need.  This perfect role model follows the expectations on a regular basis.  Every student benefits from examples displayed by this safe, responsible, and respectful young lady.  Way to go, Shahde!  Never stop being you!

Mrs. Green salutes Kenzie Ramdial
Kenzie Ramdial is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Green’s class.  Mrs. Green is proud to announce that Kenzie Ramdial is the Student of the Month for her class!  Kenzie always does her best work, is a great classmate, and consistently follows our expectations for learning and behavior. She is a good friend to all and demonstrates a positive attitude.  We are proud to have Kenzie in our class!  Congratulations, Kenzie!

Mrs. Hecht salutes Phoenix Wilkins
Phoenix Wilkins is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Hecht’s class.  Phoenix is a Responsible, Organized, Safe, and Respectful student.  She follows directions when they are given, puts her best effort into every assignment, and is a true joy to have in class.  She participates in class and is always polite to others.  I am so blessed to be your teacher, Phoenix.  Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Hunter salutes Jordan Babers
Jordan Babers is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Hunter’s class.  Jordan is such a mature, helpful, responsible young lady. She always helps out myself or her classmates whenever we need her. I think of her as our own little room mom. On top of that, she makes excellent grades. Thanks Jordan- keep roaring!

Mrs. McAlister salutes Brandon Ivory
Brandon Ivory is the Student of the Month for Mrs. McAlister’s class.  Brandon was chosen by his peers. He is always smiling and eager to help.  He is always a hard worker, always encouraging, and ROARS! Brandon is a natural leader.  It is a joy to have Brandon in our class this year!

Mr. Musial salutes William Clippard
William Clippard is the Student of the Month for Mr. Musial’s class.  William is an awesome student that ROARs everyday with his positive actions, and great work ethic.  William comes in everyday with a smile and will to learn and help others that need it.  His actions speak louder than any words, and William's actions are top notch everyday.    

Mrs. Nugent salutes Zion Ketcherside
Zion Ketcherside is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Nugent’s class.  Zion is a wonderful young man and a joy to have in class.  He is very courteous to all.  He is constantly working hard, caring, and willing to help others.  I can always depend on Zion to set a ROARing example for all students at CMS.  I would like for every student in the building to have the privilege to spend time with Zion.  Everyone can benefit from his examples.  Way to go, Zion!  I'm very proud of you!

Mrs. Radake salutes Alexis Schmidt
Alexis Schmidt is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Radake’s class.  I am very blessed to have Alexis in my class. She is super sweet and tries her hardest at everything she does. I can always count on Alexis to be a role model to others. Thank you Alexis keep up the great work.

Mrs. Schroeder salutes Bryce Blair
Bryce Blair is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Schroeder’s class.  Bryce is such a wonderful young man! He is always prepared for class and eager to learn. I can always depend on Bryce to be setting an example for others to follow. Thank you for making me smile everyday, Bryce! I absolutely love having you in class! Keep up the good work!

Mr. Veltri salutes Damian Handy
Damian Handy is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Veltri’s class.  Damian is always following ROAR classroom expectations by staying on task, participating in group discussions, and being responsible with his work.  He is always setting a good example in the hallways and being a model student.  The class respects Damian so much he was voted to be our class president!  Keep up the great work Damian!

Mrs. Wischmann salutes Jayla Rogers
Jayla Rogers is the Student of the month for Mrs. Wischmann’s class.  Jayla is every teacher's dream student. She's always following classroom expectations, sets an awesome example for her peers and strives to do her very best.  As if that isn't enough, Jayla has an amazing personality!  We are so lucky to have Jayla as part of our 5th grade family!  Keep smiling, Jayla!!

Ms. Wigfall salutes Braniya Johnson
Braniya Johnson is the Student of the Month for Ms. Wigfall’s class.  She has done a great job this month following PBS expectations in all settings.  In the classroom she works well in teams and follows instructions the first time they are given.  It is a joy to watch Braniya make good 5th grade choices.  Keep up the good work!!!

October 2014 Students of the Month - 6th Grade


Mr. Bradshaw salutes Kareem Shaheen
Kareem Shaheen is the Student of the Month for Mr. Bradshaw’s class.  Kareem was selected for several reasons. He exemplifies the character needed to be an outstanding student by earning excellent grades and also setting a great example for other students with how he treats everyone. Kareem takes school seriously and understands the importance of education.  He always comes to class prepared to learn, has the materials he needs, is attentive, and contributes to class discussions.  His great attitude makes him a standout and an excellent role model for other students.  Nice job, Kareem.  Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Brown’s salutes Levi Tuschhoff
Levi Tuschhoff is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Brown’s class.  Levi is a "Roaring" student.  Without a doubt, Levi is always making the right choice- paying attention and participating in class discussions, showing respect and empathy for others in the class, and being a positive role model for everyone.  I am proud to have a student like Levi in my class this year!

Mrs. Dugan salutes Emma McDougal
Emma McDougal is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Dugan’s class. Emma is a kind-hearted and bright young lady.  She's a great helper around the classroom while even taking time to push herself further academically.  I'm so happy to have Emma in my class.  What a ROAR student!

Mrs. Fritsch salutes Daley Drum
Daley Drum is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Fritsch’s class.  Daley comes to school every day with a smile on her face. She is polite and respectful to everyone around her and is willing to help wherever needed. I can always count on Daley to follow all expectations. She is a great role model for students at CMS. I am so thankful to have Daley in my class! Congratulations, Daley!

Mrs. Parker salutes Layne Henderson
Layne Henderson is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Parker’s class.  Layne Henderson is a great person.  Layne is always polite and respectful to me and his classmates.  He works well with everyone when we do cooperative learning.  He participates in the lessons by asking smart questions.  He never fakes it.  He wants to understand.  I am lucky to have him in my class.

Mrs. Poteete salutes Maria Rodriquez
Maria Rodriquez is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Poteete’s class.  Maria’s sweet personality and priceless smile is just what the doctor ordered!  She has a bright outlook on life and this carries over to her work and friendships with the school setting.  Her ability to R.O.A.R. makes her a role model within the classroom and throughout the school.  I just know that Maria has a bright future ahead of her, and feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to be her teacher.  Go Maria!!!!!

Mrs. Newman salutes Hannah Horrell
Hannah Horrell is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Newman’s class.  Hannah is mature beyond her years. She is so respectful of others and take responsibility for her learning and acts upon it as well.  Hannah is a role model student for our ROAR expectations at CMS.  Hannah, thanks for being a bright shining star in our classroom!

Mrs. Stevens 1 salutes Mollie Davidson
Mollie Davidson is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Stevens’ class.  Molly was nominated by her teacher and her classmates. Here are some of the things her classmates said about her:
"Mollie always says thank you."
"She is never mean."
"She helps people when they are struggling."
She's a very good friend to everyone."
"When we high five each other to find a partner, Molly never skips anyone."
As you can see, Molly is very well respected by her peers as well as her teachers. She is always responsible, respectful, safe, and organized. She is a wonderful role model for everyone at CMS. Congratulations, Mollie!

Mrs. Stevens 2 salutes Cameren Walley
Cameren Walley is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Stevens’ class.  Cameren is an outstanding student with a great personality and kind heart.  He shows kindness to all of his peers and demonstrates the "ROAR" expectations.  Cameren is a superb member of his group in our class.  He:
Gives thoughtful feedback, 
Respects others and their thoughts, 
On task all of the time, 
Uses a soft Voice, 
Participate's actively, and 
Stays with his group.  
Cameren is a delight to have in class and I am proud to be his teacher. Way to Go Cameren!!

Mrs. Valleroy salutes Lorelai Clubb
Lorelai Clubb is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Valleroy’s class.  Lorelai is an amazing person.  She is always upbeat, nice, kind, and attentive in class.  She knows what is expected and always follows the expectations.  Lorelai puts in her best effort on everything she does and always has her work done and turned in on time. Her love of reading is wonderful.  Way to go Lorelai!!!!

Ms. Wagner salutes Sam Smith
Sam Smith is the Student of the Month for Ms. Wagner’s class.  Sam impresses me every day with his work and dedication to helping others.  Many weeks, I find Sam crawling on the floor to pick up the tiniest piece of scraps in art.  He always has his work finished on time and fills his empty time by reading.  I am honored to have such an outstanding young man in my class this year!

Mrs. Werner salutes Chayton Borders
Chayton Borders is the Student of the Month for Mrs. Werner’s class.  Chayton had a birthday in August and decided to share her birthday money with our class. So she bought tickets for our students that did not have enough money to go to the SEMO Athletic Assembly. Chayton is not only generous with her money but smart and kind. She makes a point to be friends with everyone in class and is always willing to help others. Thanks Chayton for all you do for CMS. You are truly a star student!