Heart & Vascular Services

Cath Lab

It was more than 40 years ago that Southeast Hospital embarked on a journey of growth that today has evolved into the region’s first Heart Center.

Recognizing the need for specialty care for cardiac patients, Southeast in 1966 became the region’s first hospital with an Intensive Care Unit designed especially for cardiology patients. The first cardiac catheterization in the region was performed at Southeast that year as well. Growth in cardiac services and technology continued over the next two decades. In the early 1980s, Hospital leadership learned that the southeast region of the state held the dubious distinction of having the highest death rate in the state due to cardiovascular-related diseases.

That, coupled with the fact that open heart surgery services were available only in metropolitan areas, led to the introduction of open heart surgery at Southeast in 1984.

Since then, more than 6,700 surgeries have been performed at the Heart Center and dozens of new services and technologies have been made available to the almost 600,000 people the Heart Center serves.