SportsMAX helps to improve speed, strength, agility and conditioning in young athletes

What is SportsMAX?

It is a six-week sports performance program for recreational or competitive athletes ages 11 and older.

The program is specifically tailored to improve an athlete's strengths in the areas that need to be further developed to excel in his or her chosen sport.

SportsMAX utilizes the Woodway Force Treadmill and the Vertimax Vertical Jump Trainer. The program was formerly called Force Plus.

How will it contribute to my overall performance?

Athletes who participate in Southeast Hospital's SportsMAX program have averaged a 20 to 30 percent increase in their post-test results in areas including speed, vertical jump and agility.

Many multi-sport athletes repeat the program focusing on different areas of performance according to the sport for which they are currently preparing.

How often should I attend?

Training sessions may include two, three or four one-hour sessions a week, Monday through Friday for six weeks. Pre-testing and post testing are performed on Fridays. Best results have been obtained with at least three workouts per week.

SportsMAX is offered at both HealthPoint Fitness in Jackson and Cape Girardeau.