A Heartfelt Salute

November 11, 2015

More than a dozen flags were added to Cape Girardeau County’s Avenue of Flags as it was set up in honor of Veterans Day on November 11. One of those flags is in honor of the late Charles (Chuck) L. Carter, Jr., an Army Vietnam veteran and a patient at the Southeast Cancer Center.

Each of the more than 450 flags lined up at Cape County Park North represents a county resident who died in the line of duty or post-service.

Chuck’s flag was donated by his sister, Judy Settle, and her family.

FlagDedication2Judy, a breast cancer survivor, also was treated at the Southeast Cancer Center. Joining the family for the flag ceremony was Tammy Bohnert, a registered nurse in Infusion Services.

That was very special, Judy says. She explains, “Tammy gave both Chuck and Me our first chemo treatments. We both always felt very blessed to have such an amazing group of people caring for us at the Southeast Cancer Center, so much so that Chuck picked special thank you cards and asked me to hand deliver them after he passed away. The morning after he passed away I went to the Cancer Center and delivered the cards. I even juggled a few minutes of Dr. James Mosley’s time so that I could deliver the news myself and thank him for all he had done for my brother.”

The Avenue of Flags began in 1987 and continues to grow each year. “I know Chuck would have been very proud to know his service to our country was honored in such a special way,” says Judy.