From Zero to 100

June 23, 2017

Mississippi truck driver William Faulkner is making an amazing recovery thanks to quick action by the employees at Ozark Gas.

Mr. Faulker suffered a severe heart attack while making a delivery to Ozark on June 19. Fortunately, CPR was administered immediately and continued until Cape Girardeau Fire Department paramedics arrived on the scene. The skilled paramedics placed Mr. Faulkner on a cardiac monitor and delivered two electronic shocks to his heart, successfully restoring it to a normal rhythm.

At Southeast Hospital, treatment continues and Mr. Faulker is looking forward to his release from the hospital and return to Batesville, MS.

Mr. Faulkner and his wife Linda are “eternally grateful” to the Ozark Gas employees, Cape paramedics and the entire team of caregivers at Southeast Hospital. “The people at Southeast are terrific,” Mrs. Faulkner says. “It’s hard to find the words about the care we have received. It’s truly putting ‘love one another’ into action. We don’t live here, but we are being treated like family. When I first got to the hospital, I would say my husband was at zero. Now he’s at 100. We feel blessed.”

Mr. Faulkner, who has a reputation as a great grill master, promises that he will be back with a special treat for everyone who cared for him and “gave me my life back.”

“I’m going to load my grill on a truck, bring it to Cape Girardeau and we’re all going to have a barbecue!”


Cape Girardeau Fire Department personnel who responded to the 9-1-1 call for Mr. Faulkner stopped by Southeast Hospital to check on his progress. Shown here with Mrs. Faulkner and their daughter Davana, are E2 crew members (left to right), firefighter/paramedic Noah Crump, firefighter/paramedic Justin Tichy and Captain/EMT Jeff Crites. Fire inspector/paramedic Ivan LaGrand also participated in the lifesaving effort.