SoutheastHEALTH Pioneers Mazor Robotics Spine Surgery

August 07, 2017
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Southeast Hospital has continued its commitment to pioneering the best in minimally-invasive robotic surgery with the addition of the Mazor XTM surgical assurance platform to its highly recognized spinal surgery program. The first procedure utilizing the Mazor platform was performed on August 4, 2017 by Neurosurgeon Kevin Vaught, MD, of Regional Brain and Spine.

Southeast is the first hospital in Missouri with Mazor X technology. The Mazor X system combines unprecedented pre-operative planning tools and analytics with unparalleled intra-operative guidance, giving patients the most advanced spinal surgery options available.

Dr. Vaught explains. “Robotic technology is primarily used for placement of instrumentation in the spine. The idea of robotic technology is similar to using GPS technology in your car. It helps place instrumentation we are planning in a very precise way. That precision comes from first planning the surgery ahead of time so we know exactly what instrumentation we are going to be using, what sizes, what lengths and the exact trajectories needed to place the instrumentation. Once we are satisfied with our plan the Mazor X allows us to accurately and safely place instrumentation as already planned.”

Patient benefits of minimally-invasive procedures include less pain, less blood loss, smaller incisions, shorter hospitalizations and quicker recovery time. Of particular benefit to patients with the Mazor X is a dramatic reduction in radiation exposure during surgery.

Dr. Vaught said Mazor X spinal instrumentation can be utilized for cervical, thoracic or lumbar fusion, SI joint fusion, instrumentation needed for treatment of tumors, traumatic fractures or for treatment of degenerative spinal disorders.

He added, “We are very excited about Southeast’s commitment to our neurosurgery program. We have a very rich and long history of advanced techniques and technologies. There have been a number of technologies we have utilized at Southeast even before the academic institutions in our state. We believe Mazor is the next step in that continued evolution of increased patient safety and outcomes through technology.”

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