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Shingles with Leah Kelley

March 15, 2018

Here’s the best definition for shingles: pure misery. Shingles is a viral infection that...


Welcome Dr. Joey Starke

November 02, 2017

SoutheastHEALTH's thriving primary care practice has expanded to include a new clinic in...


Sun Exposure with Tessa Hill

July 14, 2017

Family Nurse Practitioner Tessa Hill of Southeast Primary Care explains how to safely enjoy...


Benefits of Vitamin D with Dr. Cheryll Rich

April 03, 2017

Rays of natural sunlight help us generate vitamin D, one of the most potent healing chemicals...

SoutheastHEALTH 2016 Annual Report

December 31, 2016

This video offers a look at the milestones the organization has attained and provides a record of...


Reasons to Stop Smoking with Dr. Cheryll Rich

November 10, 2016

Quitting tobacco is tough, but you can do it. Dr. Cheryll Rich of Southeast Family Medicine in...


Preventative Care with Dr. Reza Jalal

July 28, 2016

Dr. Reza Jalal shares some simple preventative steps toward better health that we all can take.


Pneumonia Facts with Dr Jehan Murugaser

July 07, 2016

Pneumonia is not just a “winter” illness. It can occur at any time during the year....


Summer Allergies with Rachael Jenkins

June 23, 2016

Rachael Jenkins, a family nurse practitioner with Southeast Primary Care, shares helpful tips for...

murugaser westcampus

Introducing Dr Jehan Murugaser

April 05, 2016

Family Medicine from a Global Perspective At age 35, Jehan Murugaser, MD, already has lived a...

Page 2 of 3 | Results 11 - 20 of 22