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Bone Health Seminar

OVER 80% OF ALL FRACTURES in people 50+ are caused by osteoporosis.

You don't have to live with joint pain, a sports injury or discomfort. Southeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is here to help. If you want to learn more about osteoporosis and determine your risk factors, please join our expert panel as we discuss prevention, testing, diet, and exercise options to fight this diagnosis.

Panel Includes:
Dr. Charity Jacobs, Orthopedic Surgeon | Southeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Jennifer Roth, Bone Health Specialist | Southeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Laura Vollink, Registered Dietitian | SoutheastHEALTH

Masking and social distancing will be required. Packaged snacks and drinks will be made available.

SEATING IS LIMITED: RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! To reserve your spot, register online or call 800.800.5123