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Diabetes Self-Management Support Group

Southeast Diabetes Center hosts this free support group facilitated by Southeast's Diabetes Educators. The programs are geared toward people who are living with diabetes and trying to control blood glucose. Friends and family members also are welcome.

The programs are held from 1–2 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the large conference room at HealthPoint Plaza in Cape, 2126 Independence.

Limited seating to maintain social distancing.

Pre-registration required and begins the 1st of each month.

Pre-register by calling the Diabetes Center at 573.339.0121.

August 10 – Boosting Your Immune System
Several dietary and lifestyle changes can strengthen the body’s natural defense in reducing colds, flu and other infections. We will discuss planning meals that include foods that help keep the immune system strong. We will also provide some samples of these immune system boosters.

More help for those with diabetes!

Medicare, along with many private insurance carriers, covers the cost of Diabetes Self-Management Training annually. If you have attended initial diabetes education training, you may benefit from a review of the basics of diabetes care. Call your healthcare provider to request an order for our Annual Assessment Class with the Certified Diabetes Educators at Southeast Diabetes Center.

Please register by calling the Diabetes Center at 573.339.0121.