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Grief Support Group

This group is open to the community. Anyone experiencing a loss is welcome. This group is intended to provide each participant the opportunity to:

  1. Learn about grief
  2. Safely express one's own unique feelings and experiences of loss
  3. Connect with others who understand and are willing to listen and share

Trained facilitators offer educational programs and an opportunity to share and heal. Meetings are the third Wednesday of each month at 1:30 PM at HealthPoint Plaza in Cape Girardeau, MO.

Monthly Topics
January "Navigating Grief"
February "How Long Will It Take? Timetables of Grief"
March "The New Normal"
April "Self Care In Grief"
May "Grief Survival Checklist"
June "Nurturing Yourself in Grief"
July "Secondary Losses"
August "Grief 101"
September "Mindful Grieving"
October "The Grief Roller Coaster"
November "Coping with the Holidays & Special Dates"
December "Grief Rituals"