Accelerated Childbirth Preparation Class

This one-day accelerated class is designed to accommodate couples who just want the basic information, have delivered a baby before and would just like a refresher, or who's schedules do not allow for five weekly evening classes. This class addresses the labor process as it occurs naturally, coping techniques for pain in labor, medical options for pain control, common medical interventions, and cesarean delivery.  Breastfeeding basics are also included in this class.  This class is taught by an OB nurse on staff at Southeast Hospital.  Although it is not required, we recommended that your partner or labor support person attend this class with you.

This class is taught one Saturday per month from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

Fee: Free for those delivering at Southeast. Others will be charged $40 per couple and will be collected on the day of class.


Jane Unterreiner

Dates Offered: