Thank You

The following PDF document includes Southeast Hospital’s M.A.R.K. training module. You must proceed through each of the following steps in order to earn credit for completion:

  1. Download the following document to your computer: MARK Paraprofessional Booklet & Test
  2. Open the file locally using only Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Review the contents of each chapter and take the quiz.
  4. Review the content and complete the test on the answer sheet provided and return it with your application package.

There are a total of 165 questions, so be sure to save regularly. You may stop and resume the test at a later time as long as you ensure you have saved the document before closing it.

When you have completed responding to all questions, save the document and email to for submission.

If you encounter any technical problems with the attached PDF document, first ensure that you are opening the documents with the latest version of Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat if applicable). If this does not resolve your problem, contact Bradley Chamness in Southeast’s Educational Services at

For all other questions related to M.A.R.K. training, please contact Diana Testa at Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.