Inpatient Rehabilitation

Southeast’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit uses state-of-the-art equipment and best practices rehabilitation philosophies to help patients regain their highest level of function so they may return home and to the community.

Often following a hip fracture, amputation or a neurological event such as stroke, back surgery and other debilitating illnesses, we find the slightest medical complication can hinder progress and cause you to miss a window of great opportunity in reaching your rehabilitation potential.

If the medical need is enough to keep you in the hospital, Inpatient Rehabilitation is an excellent way to optimize overall outcomes. It is perfectly safe to pursue early rehab as long as it is directed by our board certified physiatrist and monitored by our rehab nurses who have years of experience managing your medical needs while your therapy progresses.


Tour Our Inpatient Rehab

Families and prospective patients may arrange a tour of our Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit by calling 573-331-6501 or 573-651-5551.
  • 13-bed unit
  • Patients participate in up to three hours of therapy each day.
  • Our multi-disciplinary team includes
    • Physiatrist Dr. Matthew Karshner
    • Rehabilitation nurses
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Pathology
    • Pharmacy
    • Dietitians
    • Social Services
  • Planned monthly activities for patients along with a wide variety of activities through the week
  • Family members receive training to assist in transition from acute to home care
  • Patients discharged from Inpatient Rehab are invited to return each fall for a special reunion.

Our Philosophy

Rehabilitation nursing is a philosophy, not just a phase of treatment.

Our expert nurses embrace rehabilitative and restorative principles in:

  • Managing complex medical issues
  • Collaborating with specialists
  • Providing patient/caregiver education
  • Setting goals for maximum independence
  • Establishing plans of care to main optimal wellness
  • Bowel and bladder training
  • Wound care
  • Pain management

Benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation

The benefits of Inpatient Rehabilitation are many, including

  • Building strength, endurance, and independence
  • Avoiding extended stays in a nursing home
  • Building confidence regarding safety at home
  • Patients who require outpatient therapy may continue with our Outpatient Rehab services.

Southeast Inpatient Rehabilitation accepts referrals from other hospitals/facilities.