Inpatient Rehabilitation FAQs

Why do you offer planned activities and recreation on the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit?

Group recreation and activities are a great way to encourage communication, stress management and self-confidence while learning skills that the patient can take home and continue. Many patients find they love crafting, painting and listening to music while in a relaxing atmosphere. Our volunteers, some who are former patients on the unit, help to make our patient’s time on rehab more relaxed and enjoyable.

When does rehabilitation for Stroke begin?

Post-Stroke rehabilitation begins in the acute care setting soon after the patient’s condition is stabilized. A referral is sent to the Inpatient Rehab unit on day two after the stroke occurs and the patient is then evaluated to see if they are a likely candidate for inpatient rehabilitation.

What types of therapies are offered in the inpatient rehab setting?

Physical Therapy, which is a therapy to promote and maintain strength, function and mobility. Occupational Therapy, which is ordered to help the patient regain activities of daily living such as, grooming, showering, light housekeeping and laundry. Speech Therapy consists of a Speech therapist designing a plan to improve swallow and communication disorders.

What do Rehabilitation nurses do?

Rehabilitation nursing is a specialty practice within the profession of nursing and involves the treatment of actual and potential health problems related to altered functional ability and lifestyle. They provide 24 hour skilled care so patients can start the rehab process as soon as they are able. Often rehabilitation can be started before all medical issues are resolved due to the skills of the rehab nurse.

Why should I come to Inpatient Rehabilitation verses a Skilled Nursing Home?

Inpatient rehabilitation offers a unique chance to improve as a patient of stroke, accident or debilitating disease. The therapies are intense at 3 hours per day and offer the best long term results.

What is a Physiatrist?

A Physiatrist, or a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation is a physician who specializes in nerve, muscles and bones. They treat injuries and illnesses that affect the way you move. The Physiatrist leads the Inpatient Rehab team and finalizes the comprehensive plan of care for each patient.

How long will I need to stay on the Inpatient Rehabilitation unit?

The average length of stay for patients on Inpatient Rehab is two weeks. This will vary greatly based on the type of illness or injury you have sustained as well as your personal rate of progress.