Post-Surgical Rehab

Maybe you have had a surgery recently and are looking for a therapy provider to help you recover. Physical therapy is often essential following neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle/foot surgeries. HealthPoint Rehab’s therapists are among the most experienced therapists in the area and are specialists at getting you back to your old tricks after a surgery.

Experts in Post-Op Therapy

Our therapists are experts in designing a post-op treatment plan for your specific needs. Each type of orthopedic surgery often comes with its own set of guidelines for post-surgical rehab and you need a place that will progress you safely and effectively from the acute stages, just days after surgery, back to the point where you are enjoying life again.

Developing a Plan to Help Your Body Heal

Most people know physical therapy is needed after a knee or shoulder surgery, but we also can help after abdominal surgeries and cancer surgeries. Fatigue and lack of strength often occur after a prolonged time of sickness or immobility can be regained with physical therapy. Our goal is to help develop a plan, individualized to your lifestyle and ability levels, to support the body’s natural healing process.

Teaching You How to Listen to Your Body

A large part of the post-surgical rehabilitation process is education. While the actual exercises and treatments are important, understanding how to adjust your activities, when to push yourself and when to go easy, how to manage any flair-ups or complications that may arise is really the key to successful post-surgical rehab. We will act as your rehab coach, letting you know what to expect, what is “normal” during the healing process and what is not. We communicate with your surgeon and other health care providers to assure you are on track with getting back to the best you can be!