Lifetime Honor Roll of Donors

Diamond Arrow

Diamond Arrow Donors
F.J. and Lula Armstrong*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert "R.D." Harrison*
Ms. Lillian Kies*
Mr. John and  the Hon. Donna Lichtenegger
Dr. Harold Rapp* and Mrs. Dorothy Rapp-Mitchell*
Paul and Jean Zimmerman Rau*
Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Renne*
Mrs. Edna Evans Rogers
Ms. Gladys D. Simpson*
Ms. Viola Boyce Vogel*
Mr. John H. Wiseman*

Platinum Arrow

Platinum Arrow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Erlbacher II
Walter A. and Elsie Funk*
Melvin and Evelyn Haertling*
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hecht
Mrs. Winifred Hirsch-Ward
Ms. Etta Belle Howland*
Mr. George W. Kimbel*
The Honorable and Mrs. Stephen N. Limbaugh Jr.
Mr. Elmer P. Lind*
Jerry* and Ruth Lipps
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hugh Logan*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miles*
Bob and Bari Neff
Mrs. Bertha M. Pierce*
Mr. R. B. Potashnick*
Ms. Ermine Rasche-Kies*
Mathilda E. Jaeger Rau*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Rau
Dr. and Mrs. R. Blaine Russell
William A.* and Martina K. Scott
Hazel Harrison Strickler*
Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Talbert Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Vogel*

Gold Arrow

Gold Arrow
Dr. and Mrs. Riley Adams
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl D. Armstrong
Richard and Judy Aslin
Dr. and Mrs. Seth S. Barnes*
Dr. B. Daniel Beaver
Nancy Ann Bray
Paul Brinkopf and  Ann Harrison-Brinkopf
Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Brown*
Ms. Mary Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Steve C. Byrd
Mrs. Nona Nan Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil D. Chirnside
Mr. and Mrs. Delmar A. Cobble*
Mr. and Mrs. Lee G. Cochran
Dr. and Mrs. Dan B. Cotner
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Creglow*
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Cutsinger
Dr. and Mrs. Gary K. Deimund
Mr. Wayne Harrison Dillow*
Mrs. Wanda L. Drury
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Elrod* Sr.
Jerry & Margaret Ford
Mrs. Carolyn Ford-Bock
Dr.* and Mrs. Scott R. Gibbs
Robert M. and Ann P. Gifford
Ms. Karen L. Kahtz Goins
Murray Michael Grace
The Honorable  Stan* and Mrs. Jane Grimm
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Haertling*
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Haertling
T. Ronald and Beverly K Hahs
Ms. Edna Haman*
Richard and Helen Hammond
Constance W. Harris*
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald Louis Harrison
Mrs. Wenona Harrison*
Mrs. Joan B. Harrison
Mr. and Mrs.* Norman B. Harty
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Haycraft
Karen and Jim Hendrickson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Herrmann*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hood*
Dr. Bob* and Mrs. Sue Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Hutson*
John R. Janssen and Family
Dr. and Mrs. Earl W. Johnson*
Dr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Jung
Ms. Edna Boyce Kassel*
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Kasten
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Kinder*
Dr. and Mrs.* Jerry L. Kinder
Dr.* and Mrs. Charles Knote
Dr. and Mrs. William K. LaFoe
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Law
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Limbaugh
Mr. Rush H. Limbaugh III
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lovinggood* Sr.
Dr.* and Mrs. Cleo W. Mabrey
Mr. and Mrs. Stone Manes*
Mary G. Masters*
Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Maurer
D. Joseph and Barbara A. McKeon
Mr. and Mrs. August R. Meyer*
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Russ A. Mothershead II
Mr. Russ A. Mothershead Sr.
Ms. Clara D. Newman*
O. David and Marie Deneke* Niswonger
Mrs. Evalyn C. Nunley*
Ms. Marie L. Oberheide*
Mrs. Elizabeth Pierce Oliver*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Otto*
Dr. Adelaide and Mr. Robert Parsons
Mrs. Irene E. Popp
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Popp Jr.
Mrs. Cathi Popp-Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Powell*
Dr. and Mrs. Scot G. Pringle
Narvol and Dorothy Randol Family
Mr. and Mrs. Narvol A. Randol Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Reinagel
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Riley Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Ritter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Roberts*
Martin and Charlotte Roth*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ruess
Gary and Wendy Rust
James A. and Beverly Rust
Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Seabaugh*
Dr. and Mrs. Milton W. Shoss*
Ms. Mary A. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Sparkman
Dr. and Mrs. Allen L. Spitler
Jane Cooper Stacy
Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Stahly
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Stone
Mrs. Hazel H. Harrison Strickler*
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Strom*
Stephen E.* and Patricia F. Strom
The Honorable William and Dr. Georganne Syler
Christopher* and Joan Talley
Mr. O. Lee and Dr. Gwen Thoma
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thompson
Mr. Tom Tipton
Mr. and Mr. Keith R. Tolliver*
Dr.* and Mrs. Joseph N. Tygett
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ueleke
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wente
Tony and Claudia Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Zimmer


Silver Arrow

Silver Arrow
Mr.* and Mrs. Chap Arnold
Ilena M. Aslin
Frances L. Barnett*
Dr. and Mrs. Danny T. Berry
Dr. John Cashion Bierk
Marion J. and Nancy Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Blue*
Ms. Sherry Blunt
Ms. Cynthia Boren
Dr. and Mrs. E.C. Brasington*
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Breeze
Lucy and Larry Brindley and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joe T. Buerkle
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Buescher
Dr. Tonya Buttry and Mr. Greg Buttry
Drs. Paul A. and Dawn Caruso
Jacklyn S. Clark-Otto
Dr. and Mrs. J.R. Cochran*
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Coleman
John and Bekki Cook
Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Crader
Ms. Brenda K. Crites
Dr. and Mrs. Tommy E. Cupples
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle A. Davis
Dr.* and Mrs. Charles E. DeFelice
Mr. Louis J. DesPres
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Dufek
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ebaugh*
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Edwards*
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Edwards
Robert W. Erlbacher*
Dr. and Mrs. J. Russell Felker
Mr. and Mrs. Lehman Finch*    
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Fluhrer*
Mr.* and Mrs. Milton A. George
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Griswold
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Groves*
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hahs
Dr. Tom and Mrs. Jane Harte
George A. and Verna* Hellwig
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Hirsch
Dr. Trygve O. and Mrs. Karen L. Honaas
Mickey C.* and Wanda L. Horn
Dr. Mark W. Hosler
Charles* and Judi Hutson
Dr. Michael J. Jessup
Mr. and Mrs. Louis W. Kasten*
Mrs. Joycelyn P. Kasten
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Kasten Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Kiefner
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kiehne*
Dr. Barbara and Mr. Mike Kohlfeld
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kolda
Dr. David Y. S. Lee
Mr. Rush Limbaugh* Sr.
The Honorable and Mrs. Stephen N. Limbaugh Sr.
H. Weldon* and Bonnie Macke
Ms. Margaret Mates*
Dr.* and Mrs. Charles P. McGinty
Jesse H. and Donna K. McLain
R.J. and Vicki McKinney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Merrilees
Mike and Julie Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Meyer
Sylvia Coolidge Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Dix R. Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Ogle
B. Ray* and Sally Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Penrod
Mr.* and Mrs. Ray Pensel
Carl and Mettie Penzel*
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Poe
Mr. Roger D. Pohlman
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pollock
Mr.* and Mrs. Ray Powell
The Honorable William S. and Mrs. Birdie Rader*
Mrs. Theresa L. Rainwater
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rigdon
Dr. and Mrs. Carl N. Ringer
Dr. and Mrs. Carl F. Ritter Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Robinson
C.W. and Evelyn Rushing*
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Rust
Mr.* and Mrs. Jerry L. Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schnurbusch
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Schwab
Mr.* and Mrs. Don Scott
The Honorable and Mrs.* Albert J. Seier
Ms. Ina Simmers*
Ms. Lula Simpson
Mrs. Mary Wellman Snow*
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stotz
Dr.* and Mrs. J. William Terry
Dr. Marge Theobald
Matthew A. and Lalita Toeniskoetter
John and Vanessa Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Underwood*
Mike and Gayle Unverferth
H. Kenneth* and Dorothy Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wessel
Mr.* and Mrs. Paul R. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Zimmer
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Zito


Bronze Arrow

Bronze Arrow
William and Vera Kay Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Alberternst
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Albrecht
Winifred M. Aldrich
Mr. and Mrs. James Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Kennett D. Asher
Ms. Tammy R. Atherton
Leta Bahn*
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Baker
Dr. Luke Balsamo
Dr. and Mrs. S. Charles Balsamo
Ms. Barbara R. Barbre
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Barker*
Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Barks*
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Barrett
Peggy Barringer
Mr.* and Mrs. James A. Bauerle
Mr. and Mrs. Donny Beasley
Edward and Shirley Beel
Dr. Ann E. Behrend-Uhls
Mr. and Mrs. Barry E. Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. Beussink
Mr. and Mrs. Jason S. Biddle
Pat and Ann Bira Family
Ms. Carolyn F. Bird
Mr. and Mrs.* August W. Birk
Ms. Marie Birk
David and Jennifer Bisher
Mrs. C.E. Strauser Bismark
Mrs. Gaye Y. Blank
Dr. and Mrs. Dale M. Blankenship*
Ms. Lori J. Blattner
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil V. Blaylock*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Bliss
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Blumenberg*
Mr. and Mrs. Carlston A. Bohnsack*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bohnsack
Walter A. and Maude E. Bohnsack
Joe M. and Vivian Bollinger
Dr. and Mrs. Leon C. Book
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bowers
Howard "Butch"* and Pat Boyd
Mrs. Cheryl A. Brace
Col. and Mrs. James F. Brady
Dr. Frank W. Braxton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bray*
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Brenner
Ms. Lucy Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Bridges
Charles* and Frances Brockett
Mr. and Mrs. Trent Bronenkant
Nelda Prather Brown*
Mr. and Mrs. W. Shelby Brown*
Mr.* and Mrs. Glenn E. Brown
Ms. Laura T. Lottes-Brown
Dr. Randy G. Brown
Jerry and Sandy Buchheit
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Campbell
Mr. James Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin Carter*
Dr. Sheila Rae Caskey*
Mr.* and Mrs. Edward L. Castleman
Dr. and Mrs. David O. Catron
Mrs. Olene Cauble
Ms. Pat Chamness*
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Chapman*
Mrs. Vernon A. Chapman*
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Chapman
Mr.* and Mrs. James Childress
Mrs. Walker G. Childs
Mr. Bill Churchill
Mr. Gilbert J. Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert L. Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Danny K. Conrad
Mrs. Charlotte A. "Sue" Coomer
Dr. and Mrs. D. C. Coonce
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Cope
Ms. Lettie A. Corbett
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Cordes
Dr. Edward S. Cotner
Mr. and Mrs. George Counts
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Craft
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Craigmiles
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Crain
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Crippen
Mr. and Mrs.* Bud Crisel
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Crisler*
Dr. and Mrs. Roderic C. Crist
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Crites
Mrs. Margie L. Crites
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Crosson
Ms. Melba J. Crouthers
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Crowe*
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Crowe
Dr. David* and Mrs. Melissa Crowe
Drs. Greg and Heather Cugini
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dambach
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Daniel*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Daume
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Degerinis
Mr. and Mrs. Greg K. Deimund
Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Delgado
Mrs. Margaret Dement
Mrs. Lynn Dempster
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Deneke*
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Deneke*
Dr. and Mrs. Milton D. Deneke
Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Deneke
Mr. William F. Deneke
Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Dennington
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Devore
Mrs. Miriana Dietiker
Dr. James A. and Mrs. Betsy Dinkins
Mr. Neal and Dr. Alberta Dougan
Mr. and Mrs. Damon K. Dowdy
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E. Drake*
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Dunger
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice T. Dunklin*
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Duschell*
Rebecca Dye, R.N.*
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Dzur
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Earley*
Mrs. Hazel Eaves*
Mr. Michael D. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Eldridge
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Eller
Mr. and Mrs.* James B. Englehart
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Erlacker
Mr. Robert W. Erlbacher III
Mrs. Margie T. Ervin
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Essner
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Essner
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Essner
Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Estes*
Mr. and Mrs. Morton B. Estes*
Dr. Pamela D. Every
Mr. Woodrow Farr
Dr. and Mrs. George O. Farrar*
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Farrar
Mrs. Peggy J. Fassel
Robert P.* and Jo Ann Fee
Mr. and Dr. L. J. Feretti Jr.
Mr. and Mrs.* Carney C. Fesler
Ms. Julie M. Fiehler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Fiehler
Mrs. Alice Filer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Finch
Don K. and Ardell L. Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Flaksman
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathon K. Foley
Mr. Jack Ford*
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Foster*
Dr. and Mrs.* Robert W. Foster
James and Vicki Frank
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Fuller
Drs. Matthew D. and Judee L. Gaeta
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gardner
Ms. Sharron Gargas
Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Gates
Ms. Kathy Gaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Gerecke
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Geringer
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Gibson
Ms. Barbara J. Gleason
Dr. Mark Goldring
Mr. and Mrs. Brumley G. Goodhart
Mrs. Judith Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Tim C. Goodman
Patsy J. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Gregory
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney K. Griffith
Mr. John W. Grimm
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Grimm
Mr. Karl E. Grose Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Grossheider*
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Groves
Mr. and Mrs. Greg L. Haertling
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Hagan
Mr. Luther* and Mrs. Catherine Hahs
Mr. and Mrs. Dwain L. Hahs
Dr. Tibebe Haile
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Hale*
Clyde and Pauline Hanebrink*
Larry and Pam Hanna
Mr.* and Mrs. Eldred Hargens
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Hargis
Mary Potashnick Harrison
Mrs. Geraldine S. Hartel
Mike and Anita Hartle
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Hartner
Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Haskell
Mrs. Imogene Hastings*
Mr. and Mrs.* William H. Headrick
Mr. Louis Hecht*
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Hendershott*
Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Herbert
Ron Herr
Connie L. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff D. Heuer
Ms. Betty I. Heuring
Ms. Bernice Heyde*
Mr. William A. Heyde III
Mr. and Mrs.* Robert Hileman
Mr. and Mrs. W. Victor Hill*
Mr.* and Mrs. Jesse T. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hilpert*
Mr. and Mrs. Harry I. Himmelberger*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Himmelberger*
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hinckley
Ronald* and Nancy Hoff
Ms. Cora Hoffmeister*
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Hollis
Dr. Laura E. Holmes
Mr. Henry Holyfield Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Honeywell*
Grace Hoover
Vernon and Mary Hopkins
Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Howard
Ruby Humes*
Jane B. Hunt*
Wayne T. and Joyce A. Hunter
Robert D. and Patricia Hutchings
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Hutson
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hutson
Ms. Marilyn K. Huttegger
Dr. and Mrs. Ramiro Icaza
Dr. and Mrs. Victor E. Isaacs*
Phil and Michele Ivers
Dr. and Mrs. J. N. Jaeger*
Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. James
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Janet
John and Marjory Janssen
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick T. Janzow
William Tom Jennings, Jr.
Mrs. Dolly Jewel
Dr. and Mrs. David S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Johnson
Robert E.* and Carol Ann Jones
Gerald W. and Clarice Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jones
Ms. Kimberly D. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Juden* Jr.
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Myra Jung
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kaempfer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kaiser
Mrs. Mabel Kaiser
Dr. and Mrs. K.P.S. Kamath
Dr. and Mrs. Han Mu Kang
Dr. William and Dr. Mary Beth Kapp
Mr. and Mrs. Clint E. Karnes
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Kasten*
Mr.* and Mrs. Vernon Kasten
Dewey M. and Virginia B. Keller*
Mrs. Olive Keller
Mr.* and Mrs. Claude A. Kelley, III
Chuck and Carol Keppler
Mrs. Nancy A. Kester
Dr. and Mrs. Khalid I. Khan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Kiblinger
Mrs. Erna Deneke Kiehne*
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kies*
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kies
Dr. and Mrs. Yong K. Kim
Paul M. and Irene Miller Kinder*
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Kinder
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Kinder
Mr. Hubert U. King
Shanon T. Kirchhoff, D.D.S.
Richard and Pat Kirn
Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Klob
Miss Elizabeth Knote
Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Knudtson
Dr. and Mrs. John Koch
Larry and Catherine Keonig
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Kouo
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Krantz
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Virginia Kratz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Kruse
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold Kuehle
Mr. Herb B. Kuhn
Wally H.* and Doris Lage
Dr. James LaGuardia
Virginia D. LaMarr*
Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Lambdin
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lampley*
Miss Verna L. Landis*
Ms. Mary B. LaPierre
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. LaValle
Ms. Rachael M. Lawson
Mr. Merit E. Leming
Mr. and Mrs.* Francis Lengefeld
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Lewis*
The Honorable Benjamin F. and Mrs. Debbie Lewis
Freeman D. and Alice R. Lewis
Ms. Susan A. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. T. Wayne Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Limbaugh
Mr.* and Mrs. Joe T. Limbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lindsay*
Mr. and Mrs Rob Litzelfelner
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Logan
Mrs. Merry Gay Lorberg
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Ludwig
Mr. Aurthur "Sonny" Lueder's* Family
Mr. Omer C. Lyles*
Bob and Eloise Mahan*
Dr. & Mrs. William Mapes
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Martin
Edgar* and Dorles Massey Family
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Masterson
Dr. and Mrs. Art Mattingly
Rev. and Mrs. Bill A. Matzat
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Maxton
Mr. and Mrs. James C. May
Mr. and Mrs. Keith A. May
Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Mayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Mays*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Mazzanti
Mr. and Mrs. J. Weldon McBride*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. McBride
Erica McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. McClanahan
Mr. Scott F. McClanahan
Michael and Cathy McClard
Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. McClary*
Mrs. Mary A. McClary
Ms. Marjorie L. McDonald*
Dr. David McFadden
Dr. and Mrs. Franklin H. McGinty
Hugh and Sarah McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. McGuire
Jesse H. and Donna K. McLain
Mr. Edgar J. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. McLean
Mrs. Doris E. McMillan*
Mr.* and Mrs. Donald T. McNeely
Ms. LaVerne S. McNeely
Ms. Sharon A. McNeely
Mr. C.E. Meadows* III
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Meadows
jack and Sherri Mehner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Mehrle*
Ms. Janie K. Meirndorf
Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Menard
Mrs. Anna Meyer*
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Meyer*
Mr. Dan L. Meyer*
Mr. Emil Meyer
Ms. Frieda Meyer
Mr. Leroy J. Mier*
Mrs. Jean D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver J. Miller
Wayne and Ruth Millington
Wayne and Mary Gayle Moore
Mrs. Jewell F. Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Moore
Ms. Judy F. Moore-Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Morehead*
Bob and Sue Morrow
Mr.* and Mrs. Randy Morse
James and Betty Sue Mosier*
Dr. and Mrs.* Kenneth S. Moxey
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan J. Mueller*
Mrs. Nancy Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Myles
Gene and Mary Kathy Neier
Mr. Lewis C. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Newman*
Altert T. and Brenda J. Nicolai
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Niswonger
Dr. and Mrs. S. Edwin Noffel
Sylvester and Marguerite Nothdurft*
Mr. Lawrence A. Nowak*
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Ochs*
Ms. Millicent A. O'Connell*
Dr. and Mrs. William Oehler*
Dr. and Mrs. Bill L. Ogborn
Mrs. Eldora Ogborn
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. O'Howell Sr.
Mr.* and Mrs. John L. Oliver, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Oliver III
Mr. and Mrs. Bart B. Ozbun
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Palmer
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert J. Pecord
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Peetz Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Peetz
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Peiffer
Mrs. Susan N. Pekios
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Penzel*
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Perry
Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Pfautsch
Jerry and Carolyn Pickens
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Pierce
Mrs. Vera Pohlman
Jake and Esther Pollack*
Mr. Richard I. Prevallet
Mike and Donna Price
Mr. and Mrs. Max Kurre Prill*
Mr. Dick Pullig & Mrs. Pat* Parsons-Pullig
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Quatmann*
Michael J. and Candace Quinn
Keith and Cynthia Raganyi
Dr. J. Darryl Ramsey
Mrs. Irvine W. Rasche
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rauh
Ms. Kimberly A. Reagan
Mr. and Mrs.* James J. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger D. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Regenhardt
Mr. Terry Reid
Mr. and Mrs. John Renne
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Retter
Gene and Verna Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Rhodes
Dr. and Mrs.* C. L. Richmond
Virginia Ridings*
Dr.* and Mrs. Harold D. Ridings
Cynthia L. Rigdon
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Ritter* Sr.
Dr.* and Mrs. C. John Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Robbins
Dr. and Mrs. Perry T. Roberts
Mr. Ruby March Roberts
Mr. Brian Robison
Mr. Allen Rodewald
Ms. Jenny E. Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Ross
Lewis J. and Florence Rossiter*
Stephen and Mary Rozier
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford F. Rudesill*
Vinson L.* and Catherine Rueseler
Mr.* and Mrs. Ronald C. Rueseler
Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Ruff
Mr. Fred Rush Jr.
Mr. Kevin L. Rush
Joe* and Heartha Russell
Keith A.* and Margaret R. Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Jon K. Rust
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Rust
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Linda Sacha
C.E. and Ruth Sample*
William and Reva Sample*
Authur and Lottie* Sams
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sander*
Mrs. Joan Sanders
Ms. Madonna H. Sanders
Charlotte Black Sargent
Ms. Nelda H. Saul*
Mr. Dewey D. Schade
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Schaper
Mr. and Mrs. Lindy M. Schloss
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Schloss
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Schmitt
Mr. H.G. Schmitz*
Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Schnare.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schott
Dr. Walt and Mrs. Cathy Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schulte*
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Schwent
Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Schwettman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Scott
Mike and Renee Seabaugh
Dr. Janice L. Seabaugh
Pat Seabaugh
William A. and Terry Lee Seacrist
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Sellers
Louis* and Betty Sewell
Mr. and Mrs. Wib R. Sewing*
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Seyer
Ms. Terry L. Shafer
Mohammad and Farida Shakil*
James D. and Renee M. Shandy
Mr.* and Mrs. Jack L. Sheets
Dr. and Mrs. J. L. Sheets
Mr. and Mr. George Shelton* Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester I. Sherfield*
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Sherwood
Dr. Donna and Mr. Clarence Lee Shirrell
Mr. Leland J. Shivelbine
Rev. & Mrs. Kenneth & Carolyn Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton W. Short*
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Sides
Dr. Deanna M. Siemer
Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Siemers
Ms. Rhonda K. Sievers
Dr. and Mrs. Ray Silliman
Mr. L. W. Simmons*
Rev. and Mrs. Jeffrey Sippy
Mr. Albert Goodin Smith
Mr. David Smith
Ms. Pearla M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Smith
Mrs. Darla Snider
Gabe and Jennifer Soto
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Spradling* Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Spradling III
Mr. and Mrs. Burl E. Stamp
Paul and Joan Stehr
Mrs. Myrtle Steward*
Mr. Andrew R. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Stilson
Sharon L. Stinson, RN
Mr. Charles E. Stiver*
Mr. Dennis Stockard
Mr.* and Mrs. Max Stovall
James F.* and Viola Stovall
Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Stringer
Mr.* and Mrs. Ted R. Strom
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Strong
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Sutton
Richard J.* and Mildred Swaim
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Swartz
Rev. and Mrs. Rocky L. Tallent
Willard and Opal Roloff Talley
Dr. and Mrs. E. L. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Temples
Dr. and Mrs. Huey D. Tewis
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Thomas
Billy Joe and Alice Faye Thompson
Mrs. Marjorie H. Thompson
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Thorpe Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill R. Thurlkill*
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Tibbs
C. William "Bill" and Brigitta Tinsley
Howard and Frances Tooke*
Allen and Anita Toole
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman M. Travelstead*
Mr. and Mrs. Euil F. Trickey*
Mrs. Leona L. Trimble*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Trout
J. Paul* and Verda J. Trout
Dennis and Anne M. Delonais Turner
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Tygett*
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Tygett
Mark and Peggy Uhrhan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Umfleet
Ms. Edna Mae Unfer
Wayne and Mary Jane Unterreiner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Ury
Mr. Ouida Lee Vasterling
Robert Velander, M.D. & Jan Kohlfeld Velander
Mr. Danny Vinyard
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin A. Vogel*
Ms. Carol E. Vogel
Mr.* and Mrs. Arnold H. Wachter
Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Waggoner
Mr. Michael W. Wahlers
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ward
Douglas and Judy Watson
Frank, Debra and Jennifer Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Webb
Mrs. N. Louise Weber
 Aleen Vogel Wehking*
Dr. and Mrs. Scott J. Weiner
Walter and Marie Weiss*
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Welch
Dr. and Mrs. Wu Wen
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Westcott
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Westrich
Ken and Vickie Westrich
Dr. and Mrs. J. Stephen Whitten
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll C. Wiethop*
Mr. and Mrs. Leon C. Wiggs
Thomas E. and Mary-Margaret Wiginton
Ms. Patricia A. Wilburn
Ms. Catherine A. Wilder
Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Wilferth
Dr. Craig W. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts T. Williams
Curtis and LaDonna* Wills
Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wilson*
Mr. and Mrs. James Bradley Wilson
Bonnie and Tote Windisch
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Winkler
Ms. Gertrude R. Winschel*
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Wolz
Mr.* and Mrs. Charles Woodford
Dr. Dianne and Mr. James A. Wollard
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Wozniak
James O.* and Jane Wrather
Mr. and Mrs. Lester G. Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Wulfers
Mrs. Sarah Yamnitz
Mrs. Mildred Younghouse
Mr. and Mrs. William Zickfield
Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmer