Employee Helping Hands

The mission of the Foundation is to build healthier lives and community well-being by providing resources to enhance the capacity of SoutheastHEALTH in our region. Donations to the Foundation go to those in our community who are most in need of care. Every year, the Foundation supports over 150 employees in crisis by donating over $30,000 to the Employee Assistance Fund. They also provide medications and transportation services to almost 1,000 patients who otherwise cannot afford them. They provide funding for cancer patients, diabetes camps for kids, bereavement for mothers suffering from the loss of a child, hospice transportation and much more. There are many programs that would not be possible to provide to our patients without your help.

The Employee Helping Hands Campaign was a part of SoutheastHEALTH from 2004 until 2010 and since its inception has raised over $450,000 from our employees for the SoutheastHEALTH Foundation and patient care. In 2011, the campaign was suspended. SoutheastHEALTH employees used to be some of the strongest supporters of our Foundation. We want to be again.

The EHHC raises funds and awareness for the following programs:

  • Cancer Care Fund
  • Children’s Wellness Fund
  • College of Nursing & Health Sciences
  • Hospice Grace Fund
  • HeartStrong Fund
  • Patient Experience and Charity Care
  • Strides for Diabetes Fund
  • United Way

The campaign will begin on Saturday, October 11, 2015 – October 31, 2015.