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Call Medical Staff Services at 573-651-5535 or contact Laura Saupe, BSN, RN, CPHO, CPMSM, Medical Staff Services Manager, at 573-331-6833 or by email.Email Laura

We are pleased to offer a combination virtual and in-person orientation program, essential to your professional practice at SoutheastHEALTH.  The orientation program is required to be completed prior to your admitting or treating patients.

Medical Staff Services will coordinate scheduling of your orientation based upon your practice specialty and scope of privileges and will provide a detailed itinerary.  You will be provided in-person Cerner EHR and dictation training and such other training/orientation necessary to your specialty and practice on your scheduled orientation day. 

In advance of your scheduled orientation date, your review of the documents within the website links below is required.  Please note that all the documents are required to be reviewed; however, the documents within the Cerner link below are a supplement to the EHR training that you will receive the day of your in-person orientation. A list of contacts by department is available within each link with a comprehensive list provided in the miscellaneous link for any questions you may have during your review. Upon completion of your document review, please sign, date and return the attestation form, included in our email.

A link to the SoutheastHEALTH Medical Staff Guidelines is also included to aid access for your review.

Medical Staff Documents



Radiation Safety

Case Management

Charge Entry & Coding

Compliant Documentation


Inpatient Rehab


Department Contact Information

Medical Staff Services

Case Management

  • Daniel Ryder, Director | 573-651-5549
  • Tracey Graviett, Supervisor of Utilization and Appeals | 573-651-5549
  • Whitney Staincliffe, Social Services Manager | 573-651-5549

Cerner & PACS (Clinical Informatics)

Charge Entry & Coding

Compliant Documentation

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Imaging (Radiation Safety)

Quality Management

Conclusion: Documents to Complete