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Exercise is a Family Affair

Tara and Cody Bova’s first child, a baby girl, could arrive any day. But that doesn’t stop Tara from working out at HealthPoint several times a week. Tara is a Chaffee native who has been a member since she was 14 years old. She and her husband often exercise together… and he has been a partner and supporter of her desire to keep active throughout her pregnancy.

“I talked with my physician and she encouraged me to continue my fitness program. Over the past few months, I have modified some of the routines to accommodate my changing body, but I still enjoy participating in a variety of different activities,” she smiled. “The class instructors are so helpful—they have shown me how to get the best out of the classes as my pregnancy has progressed. Tara has noticed how the Barre Class has helped her strengthen her arms and legs. I am also using the elliptical a lot…its helps relieve those common back aches that pregnant women endure,” she said. When asked if working out helped control the weight gain, Tara smiled and said the one pregnancy issue she experienced was nausea, which probably also played a part.

Being fit will also be beneficial to Tara as she goes through labor and delivery. And, she has already consulted with her doctor about returning to the gym after the baby is born. “I know I want to continue taking the Barre Class because the routine focuses on the core muscles, something new moms often need to work on to get their bodies back into shape. I am also happy HealthPoint offers childcare, so someday we will be able to bring her here while we work out!

Tara and Cody are teachers, and they have many co-workers who are new parents. We receive much advice on pregnancy and child rearing—it’s nice to hear about their experiences and learn what has been successful for others. When Tara returns to teaching later this fall, she will be able to share some of her own advice about the advantages of staying active and being fit before, during and after pregnancy. “As pregnancy gets hard, you may not be able to do the workouts you did before, but don’t give up. Do what works for you and know just going to the gym is an accomplishment,” said Tara. “And, don't feel guilty for taking time for you. I know a lot of people feel bad for spending time on themselves after the baby arrives, but I really think having a plan to continue working out postpartum is good self-care.”