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Finding Family at the Gym

In 2017, Barb Penrod, a business woman with Rob Rueseler and Associates, decided to up her fitness level. “I was active in my 20s and 30s, but working a desk job was finally taking its toll,” Barb noted. “After talking to my friend Amy Sutherlin (also the fitness manager at HealthPoint Fitness) I decided to try a program called ”Reboot” that is offered at the facility.”

Reboot is a 30 Day Fitness Challenge based on sound training principles with options for all levels of fitness. Personal trainer Kurt McDowell leads the group on the full body workouts that focus on cardiovascular training, muscular endurance and flexibility. The program is open to both members and non-members. Barb found this program to be the kick start she needed to get back in shape.

“I took the class as a non-member, but joined HealthPoint in late 2018 because I wanted to take advantage of additional services the facility offered,” Barb said. “I then worked with a personal trainer, Caleb Koehler, on a program I could follow on my own. He was so helpful, teaching me proper technique and form. Now I am here working out five or six days a week.”

In addition to regaining her fitness levels, Barb also found new friendships. “I call them my gym family…I’ve met so many people who have become an important part of my life. It is such a friendly environment.” She also praises the staff for their knowledge and helpfulness. “Everyone is more than willing to answer questions or to share their fitness knowledge.” That is why she recommends HealthPoint to anyone looking for a fitness home.

Barb offers this advice for those who work in pressure-filled professions--“Exercise definitely reduces stress-I feel 100 times better now that I can work off that stress at HealthPoint. I feel like a different person!”