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Fitness Champion

HealthPoint Fitness member, Sam Schneider, is a farmer by day and a NPC Kalamazoo Bodybuilding Champion by night! He also owns Day60TV, a small web series waterfowl television show. “Being a farmer, I experience a lot of long, hard days which has helped me develop a good mindset that has carried over to my fitness endeavors,” Sam noted. It takes lots of dedication and Sam has worked hard to achieve his goals.

As a HealthPoint member for 10 years, Sam works out six days a week, sometimes both in the morning and the evening. He explains that sometimes it is tough to keep up that workout schedule…”When you make it through the tough days, and string some good days in between, those add up, over time, to yielding real fitness results.”

When asked about a typical workout looks like these days, he said, “Lately, I’ve enjoyed training fasted. I will come in early and lift on an empty stomach before eating breakfast. I typically will train one or two muscle groups, as well as a post-workout cardio. Sometimes, I come in again in the evening for a HIT cardio session.”

Recently, when Sam competed in the NPC Kalamazoo Bodybuilding Championship, not only was he the overall champion, but also came in in first place in the Light Heavy Weight bodybuilding portion and first place in the Classic Physique Class C portion.

His future goals? Sam wants to continue to improve and inspire others to live a more enjoyable, healthy lifestyle.