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Fitness for a Lifetime

Alexa Griffin just celebrated her 91st birthday. Her active lifestyle and positive attitude has kept her looking and feeling much younger than her number of birthdays imply. “I’ve been active my whole life,” Alexa shared as she points to the shirt she is wearing. The shirt commemorates the 2018 Haili Volleyball Tournament held in Hilo, Hawaii, the town where Alexa grew up and she and her husband Ken raised their three children. Alexa started playing volleyball 60+ years ago and was a member of the team that played in the first Haili Tournament in 1957.

“I started playing volleyball because I saw it as a way to get some exercise, I didn’t really think I would play in tournaments and such,” she said. Now, over a half a century later, Alexa gets to HealthPoint Fitness five days a week for an aquatics class and free swim time. “I used to work out and walk the track, but knee issues have made swimming the best exercise option for me now.”

She also noted that longevity is not in her gene pool. “My mother passed away at 39 and my sister at 60.” So it is reasonable to say that Alexa’s active lifestyle has contributed to her long life. My husband and I moved here from California around 7 years ago because my son lived here. “My son arranged for us to move here to be closer to family, but soon after we moved, he took another job and moved to Iowa,” she smiled. “When he suggested moving to Iowa, I told him I was staying right here. No more moving!”

Ken and I joined HealthPoint shortly after we arrived and loved it from the start. “Ken passed away several years ago—we had 65 wonderful years together—but I still really enjoy being a member.” The staff and members are so welcoming. Everyone is checking on me, making sure I’m ok, even if I am just a few minutes late for class!”

Alexa embodies the power of a positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle. Keeping active has helped keep her young and laughter is her favorite medicine… and that is a great prescription for all of us!