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Jackson Couple Embraces Healthier Lifestyle

Doug and Heather Dickerson are happier and healthier – and it shows, thanks to Starting Point, the proven weight loss program offered by HealthPoint Fitness.

The Dickersons, Jackson residents, are no strangers to HealthPoint Fitness. They have been members almost 22 years, and exercise regularly, but had not considered Starting Point until last winter. Heather says she tried several other weight loss programs, but did not find the support she needed to be successful.

“I decided to do Starting Point to help lower my A1C, my BMI and my weight,” she notes. The results, so far, are in and they’ve very good. Heather’s BMI has gone from 37 to 31 at the end of the program in late May, and she has dropped 45 pounds. Doug has lost 80 pounds so far. He admits that before Starting Point, “my blood pressure was creeping up, but now I have been able to cut my blood pressure meds (with his doctor’s permission) to half of what they were.”

Even during the COVID-19 stay at home order, the Dickersons were able to maintain with no “pandemic pounds.”

“Because of everything we learned in Starting Point, we kept up with our plan. We had our meal replacements. We couldn’t come into HealthPoint, but we did a lot of bike riding, hiking and dog walking,” Heather says. And, during the stay at home time, the Dickersons still kept up with Starting Point sessions virtually.

As busy parents of three athletic sons, along with their jobs (Heather is an RN with the Cape Public Schools in their “Tiny Tigers” early childhood center and Doug is in charge of Information Technology at Aging Matters), the Dickersons realized the importance of a healthier lifestyle. The financial investment that comes with Starting Point “is a drop in the bucket compared to our overall health,” Heather observes. “You’re investing now so you can be healthy in the future.”

Doug also has a special reason for committing to Starting Point. “I want to be able to fit into my Army dress uniform (he is an eight-year Army veteran) for the Veterans Day ceremony that’s held every year at Jackson High. I always go to the ceremony, where there are veterans from as far back as World War II. It would mean a lot to me to wear my dress uniform for that special event.”

Moving forward, the Dickersons say they have a new way of looking at food. “It’s about portion control, calories, pre-planning and knowing what choices to make when you’re eating out.” Overall, the Starting Point experience, they agree, has made a significant, and lasting, difference in their lives.

And although they have completed the formal Starting Point program, “Raina is still available any time we need her,” Heather says. “She reminds us of what we’ve done and how far we’ve come.”