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Losing "the Grad School 20" & Much More

In 2012, Dusha Cecil joined HealthPoint Fitness at the same time she started graduate school. She soon became very busy with classes and dropped her HealthPoint membership, then gained what she calls “the Grad School 20.”

Today, Dusha is still a busy woman, working as a social worker at Cape Public Schools and in the Southeast Hospital Emergency Department, but she is back at HealthPoint and is proud to announce that she has lost her “Grad School 20” plus 50 more!

For Dusha, the Les Mills group exercise classes—Body Step, Body Pump and Body Flow—along with Barre Fusion, provide her with the support she needs to be successful. “I like all of the instructors and how they are so encouraging. I have also made friends who keep you accountable. “I love the sense of community and fellowship that you get in a class. Everyone is suffering together,” she smiled.

She has also slowly changed her eating habits, but has not been on any specific weight loss diet. “I didn’t realize I was losing a lot of weight until my co-workers noticed. I got on the scale and saw that I lost 20 lbs. I am not married to the scale…the number is not as important to me as how I feel and how my clothes fit. I only weigh once a month.”

Dusha’s advice for others who want to lose weight but are intimidated about working out…try a class, don’t expect instant results and be kind to yourself… but do not ever give up!