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Meeting Her Goal

As a school counselor at Saxony Lutheran High School, Judi Fuchs knows the importance of helping students set and meet goals. Now Judi has successfully met a goal of her own.

In 2014, Judi was in a car accident and underwent physical therapy at HealthPoint Rehab. Then she began to take part in Monday and Thursday evening water classes at HealthPoint in Cape. “This is what got me going,” she says. “The great thing about this class is that it’s a community. It’s usually the same folks time after time. Everyone made me feel welcome.” When Judi heard women in the class talk about Starting Point and the difference it made for them, “I thought maybe it would make a difference for me, too.”

Judi confesses that she participated in a commercial weight loss program around 2000 and lost 80 pounds. “But I found it again,” she sighs. “After hearing people talk about Starting Point I decided it was time to do something.” As luck would have it, a Starting Point class opened up on a Tuesday evening that didn’t interfere with Judi’s water class. “That’s a sign, I thought.”

On January 9, 2019, Judi set out on her journey with Starting Point, faithfully following the program its entire 20 weeks. “I didn’t veer from it,” she says. “Why sabotage myself?”

Success! Before Christmas, Judi had dropped 115 pounds. “I got a new wardrobe. I could start buying clothes at a regular store. Now I have the ‘$15 rule.’ I won’t pay more than that for slacks or tops because I’m still going. In my head these are my temporary clothes.”

Judi is now in Stride, a maintenance program for those who have completed Starting Point. As part of that program, Judi still makes one or two Starting Point shakes a day and attends a weekly Stride meeting where she is weighed and continues to receive encouragement to continue to shed unwanted pounds.

She also comes to HealthPoint a couple times a week to exercise on her own time. She adds that another benefit of Starting Point is the two sessions that participants get with a personal trainer.

Choosing Starting Point was the right choice, Judi believes. “There are so many weight loss programs out there. I knew I wanted something with good principles that is a tested and proven program. I found that with Starting Point.”