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Reaching New Heights

Zach Young is a HealthPoint Fitness member who competes in triathlons. Not just any triathlon, but those put on by the International Para-triathlon Union (IPU) which hosts events around the world. “I have been competing internationally for three years,” said Zach, ”and have developed friendships with fellow athletes and coaches around the world.”

In 2005, Zach was injured in a motorcycle accident that severed his spinal cord just below his upper abdominal muscles. As he made adjustments to life in a wheelchair, Zach resumed his interest in sports and began working out to develop his body to competition level. “HealthPoint plays a major role in my success. I am at the gym two or three times a day, completing workouts that my coach provides. I have been able to use fitness centers in many places, some in much bigger cities than Cape, but HealthPoint facilities are up there with the best. We are lucky!”

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“I just returned from an event in Edmonton, Alberta Canada,” Zach noted, where my performance moved me up six spots in the rankings to Number 12. My goal is to be part of the 2020 U.S. Paralympics Team. The top 10 para-athletes are chosen for the team and I feel that I am on track to be a paralympian. His next competition will take place in October at Sarasota, FL.

When he is not training, the 34-year-old software developer enjoys spending time with family and friends. “I am an uncle six times over,” Zach proudly shares. “I also like to fish. It is a quiet activity, something I need for balance.”