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Reason to Celebrate

Will Wade just celebrated his 97th birthday, but the one he is looking forward to is number 100. That’s when the staff at HealthPoint has promised to throw him a huge party complete with putting his name of the fitness center’s marquee.

Will and Thelma, his wife of almost 72 years, are two of HealthPoint’s oldest and most active members. “We are here three times a week,” said Will. “It is a routine part of our life. There is never any discussion at our breakfast table about whether we will or won’t exercise.” Another benefit is the opportunity to socialize. The couple enjoys visiting with their “workout” friends and HealthPoint staff on a regular basis. “These are nice people and we may have never gotten to know otherwise,” he said.

The Wades have reached the point in life when many people do not see the necessity of physical activity, but they have a much different philosophy. “Keeping active has allowed us to celebrate all these birthdays,” 93-year old Thelma shared. As with many people, a health issue propelled the Wades to join the fitness center. After Will suffered a heart attack and bypass surgery, they joined Main Street Fitness (now HealthPoint). “We joined in 1993, just a year after it opened. We have been here longer than the entire staff or members!” she added.

They both have enjoyed years of good health and boast that they see doctors only for routine checkups. “We are never sick,” said Will. “Our doctors tell us to keep doing what we are doing.” It is obvious that they are devoted to each other as well as keep each other motivated. The pair met during World War II in Norfolk, VA, where Thelma worked for the government and Will was stationed in the US Navy and now they have shared a lifetime together. They are also visibly proud of their three sons-Wes, Robert and Charles— many grandchildren, great grandchildren and, the newest member of their family, a great-great grandchild.

As Will explained…”I don’t know how this wonderful life happened, but it did!”