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Setbacks Can't Slow Her Down

“You don’t have a muscle in your body” was a comment heard by Sally Adams as her physical strength was first assessed by a personal trainer. Sally had fractured her tail bone and was diagnosed with osteopenia in 2013. After completing eight weeks of physical therapy, Andrea Marchi, a HealthPoint Rehab therapist, recommended that she work with a personal trainer to increase her strength and endurance.

That is when Clay Pope came into her life. “He has helped me get into shape. The first time I met with him, I relied on a cane to get around. Three months later, I was walking without one,” she said. In the beginning, they met three times a week and quickly became friends. As Sally’s fitness level improved, she started working out on her own five times a week. “These days I meet with Clay once a month. He provides workout routines to work on different muscles so I won’t get bored.”

Clay agrees that she is always motivated and eager for new challenges. “Sally is an exceptional example of a person that would not let setbacks slow her down, he said. “She is one of the toughest ladies that I have ever met and I am thrilled to call her my friend.”

She comes to the fitness center to work on strength training and cardio. “I walk my dogs almost every day or walk in the fitness center. I also have a pool at home and enjoy swimming with the grandkids.” This active lifestyle is quite a change from her younger years. “I had horses for over 20 years and would ride and care for them, but really didn’t participate in any other physical activity,” noted Sally.

Membership at HealthPoint has also provided her a chance to make friends and enjoy the social benefits of having work out buddies. “When I first joined, I would workout with my earphones on and listen to music. I haven’t used them for four or five years…I like talking and visiting instead.”

Sally grew up in Cape Girardeau. She and her husband moved back to Jackson from Arkansas in 1984 and taught in Jackson schools. In retirement, she is still interested in children’s education. She and Solo, her certified therapy dog, are involved in a children’s reading program that she coordinates with several area schools. “I am determined not to sit in a chair for the rest of my life,” vowed Sally. HealthPoint is helping her do just that.