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Something for Herself

Mary Mims has led a full life as a wife, mother and music teacher. When she retired from 35 years of teaching music and music education to local school children and SEMO students, Mary decided to do something for herself. That “something” was to join HealthPoint Fitness to improve her health and fitness. “I was a member of HealthPoint several years ago, but didn’t find the time to use my membership. This time around, I am focused and determined to take advantage of the wonderful services offered here.”

Also weighing on her mind was the fact that both her brother and her son recently suffered heart attacks. Although both are now doing well, Mary says she feels compelled to do what she can to lessen the odds of health issues for herself. “I have found no better motivation to take care of myself than my three grandchildren.” Mary added. “l hope to have lots of productive years left, so I want to be healthy and stay active with them as they grow up.”

That is why she turned to nutritionist Raina Childers-Richmond and personal trainers Kylie Seyer and Kristi Ewasko to help her set goals and keep her accountable. “Kylie was my first trainer and Kristi took over the job when Kylie left HealthPoint to continue her schooling,” Mary notes. She also shares a story that provides a good example of how improving physical fitness and strength can also offer a positive mental boost. “I was working out and my trainer wanted me to jump up on a platform. It wasn’t a big jump, but I was apprehensive about trying—I didn’t want to fail. After some encouragement, I did it! Just a small thing, but made me feel so good. That small step has prompted me to try other, more difficult workouts. I would have never attempted that jump without Kristi’s help.”

You will find Mary at HealthPoint Fitness at least four days a week. When not training, she especially enjoys aquatics. “I do rely on the staff here—they offer constant support,” she said. As a teacher, she also appreciates the knowledge she has gained. “They are so willing to educate you on how the training is transforming your body both inside and out.”

Mary and Raina worked together on a nutrition plan, not a diet, but healthy nutritional changes that have resulted in a forty pound weight loss. Mary thought about several ways she could reward herself for reaching that goal, but ultimately decided on a very unselfish act to commemorate her accomplishment. “I am a member of Christ Episcopal Church and we have a food pantry. I decided to donate to the pantry—40 lbs. of food for reaching my first goal and more as I make more progress. It keeps me focused knowing that I am helping those who don’t have enough to eat while I learn not to overeat,” she smiles.