The Difference Is How You’re Treated

At SoutheastHEALTH, we combine a passion for healing with compassion for our patients. We’ve assembled the area’s most experienced physicians and equipped them with the latest technology – all backed by a dedicated staff of nurses and technicians.

And while that all sounds good on paper, in practice it sounds even better. Watch as our patients describe their own SoutheastHEALTH experience – in their own words. When we say the difference is how you’re treated, this is what we’re talking about. Their stories are a testament to the quality care that all our patients receive, each and every day.

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“We can’t always control the future but we can fully treasure the journey.”

"I have a motto. It is treat people the way you want to be treated. That's exactly what I got at the Southeast Cancer Center."

"There is nothing to be unhappy about now. I’m back to 80 percent of what I was before my surgery."

"Dr. Carr is my security blanket, always there if I need him."

"I recommend C.O.O.L. Camp mainly because it helps you find closure..."

“I hope for a cure for cancer, but that hope comes with fervent prayer and an abundance of faith. I don’t think a true sense of hope can exist without a deep sense of faith. They go hand in hand.”

"For me, the Lymphedema Clinic has been wonderful. I think I receive excellent care and I give them an A+!"

"We were about 20 minutes into the class and, as I walked past the teacher, I just collapsed."

"Southeast Home Health really did so much for me and I'm very grateful."

"It certainly made a fabulous change in his quality of life."

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