The Difference Is How You’re Treated

At SoutheastHEALTH, we combine a passion for healing with compassion for our patients. We’ve assembled the area’s most experienced physicians and equipped them with the latest technology – all backed by a dedicated staff of nurses and technicians.

And while that all sounds good on paper, in practice it sounds even better. Watch as our patients describe their own SoutheastHEALTH experience – in their own words. When we say the difference is how you’re treated, this is what we’re talking about. Their stories are a testament to the quality care that all our patients receive, each and every day.

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Charles Grojean

As more people are surviving heart attacks but are being left with a weakened heart, heart failure is the only major cardiovascular disorder on the rise.

Eddy Stockman

Eddy Stockman never saw it coming. One minute, he was drinking coffee with his buddies at The Depot diner in East Prairie, Missouri. The next, he was slumped on the floor, the victim of a cardiac arrest.

Fused with Care

"I wish I would have done spinal fusion years ago."

Larry Strattman

"There is nothing to be unhappy about now. I’m back to 80 percent of what I was before my surgery."

Larry Thompson

Larry Thompson of Dexter is no stranger to emergency preparedness. What Larry wasn’t prepared for was a diagnosis in late 2013 of prostate cancer.

Shaun Gohn

"I am so grateful to the rapid response of the fire department and paramedics and doctors who treated me."

Sheron Myers

If you have a nasty cold, you feel miserable. If you have diabetes, chances are you may not know it.

On the Road Back to Heart Health

“I’ve learned that life is precious and that you are not always guaranteed tomorrow."

Steve Mueller

Steve Mueller knows all about cancer, but these days – thankfully – it’s in his past. His cancer is in remission.

Willa Welter

Willa Welter is a petite blond whirlwind. She exudes warmth, is outgoing, blessed with boundless energy and has a true fondness for clients at her styling salon, Great Clips in Cape Girardeau. In short, she’s all heart.

Page 1 of 3 | Results 1 - 10 of 28