The Difference Is How You’re Treated

At SoutheastHEALTH, we combine a passion for healing with compassion for our patients. We’ve assembled the area’s most experienced physicians and equipped them with the latest technology – all backed by a dedicated staff of nurses and technicians.

And while that all sounds good on paper, in practice it sounds even better. Watch as our patients describe their own SoutheastHEALTH experience – in their own words. When we say the difference is how you’re treated, this is what we’re talking about. Their stories are a testament to the quality care that all our patients receive, each and every day.

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"You're never prepared to hear that it's cancer."

“We can’t always control the future but we can fully treasure the journey.”

"I have a motto. It is treat people the way you want to be treated. That's exactly what I got at the Southeast Cancer Center."

"I couldn’t have been treated any better than if I was the president of the United States."

"We knew it would be a difficult surgery, but we had to try.” - Joyce Causey

If you have a nasty cold, you feel miserable. If you have diabetes, chances are you may not know it.

“I hope for a cure for cancer, but that hope comes with fervent prayer and an abundance of faith. I don’t think a true sense of hope can exist without a deep sense of faith. They go hand in hand.”

"For me, the Lymphedema Clinic has been wonderful. I think I receive excellent care and I give them an A+!"

"It certainly made a fabulous change in his quality of life."

Thanks to the expert cardiovascular surgeons at SoutheastHEALTH, he's back in the driver's seat of the Patterson, Mo., fire department truck, ready when duty calls.

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