mySEHEALTH Patient Portal

mySEHEALTHlogomySEhealth provides easy online access to your own medical record by providing a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection.. It allows you to create a valuable electronic health connection for you and your family.

mySEhealth patient portal streamlines communication between providers and patients, saves valuable time, improves quality of care, helps manage your dependent care (children, spouse or an aging parent), and so much more.

Services of mySEHEALTH

  • Email your provider office
  • Schedule or cancel appointments
  • Pay your medical bills online
  • View lab results quickly
  • See when regular appointments are due
  • See hospital discharge summaries
  • Review and update personal health records
  • View prescription medication and request refills
  • Set up/update your contact and insurance info
  • Get medical advice

NOTE: In order to self-enroll in our new patient portal, you must have your medical record number. If you do not know your medical record number, please contact your provider or the Health Information Management at 573-651-5534.

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