Southeast Campus Health Clinic

Through a partnership with SoutheastHEALTH, Licensed Practical Nurses and Nurse Practitioners provide health treatment for Southeast Missouri State University students, faculty, and staff.

Our services include:

  • COVID-19 rapid tests
  • Physical exams
  • Lab services
  • Immunizations and allergy shots
  • Free condoms available upon request
  • Nutritional education and support
  • Prescription services
  • Well-women exams
  • Assessments and treatment of illness/injuries

The Campus Health Clinic is not a replacement for family physicians or other physicians. It is intended to be a convenient option to supplement the community’s already excellent primary care services.

Hours of Operation

Contact Our Clinic

We are located at:
725 N. Pacific
Crisp Hall, Room 108

You can reach us via:
Phone: 573-651-2270
Fax: 573-986-6030

Email US

The clinic follows the University calendar.
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. when the University is in session (closed from 12:00-12:30 p.m. for lunch)
Closed weekends and holidays

After Hours Emergency Care

Southeast Convenient Care | 573-755-2305
2432 East Main
Jackson, MO 63755
7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. | 7 days a week

Health services are provided through the Southeast Hospital Emergency Department. Charges will apply, and services cannot be billed to your student account. The Emergency Department is located at 1701 Lacey Street in Cape Girardeau.

24-Hour Emergency Services at Southeast Hospital offers:

  • Acute care
  • Nationally accredited Chest Pain Center
  • Poison Treatment Center

Student Information

When visiting the clinic for the first time, be sure to bring the following:

  • Patient Information and History Form - Please complete and email to prior to first visit. Make sure to list contact information on the form.
  • Health insurance card (with the cardholder’s name, date of birth and social security number)
  • Student ID
  • Driver’s license

How We Communicate

We communicate through voicemail and email. It’s important that you check your messages!


The Campus Health Clinic will not release the reason for your visit unless you specifically let the office know, in writing, that it’s permitted.

Billing Information

We will bill insurance for students and faculty seen at the Campus Health Clinic. Students without insurance will be billed through their University student accounts. For students without insurance, they may fill out an application for the Financial Assistance Program. If the student is 18 years or older, the application will be based on student income only.

If a student is seen by a LPN and symptoms require further treatment/evaluation, the student will be informed that they have the option of being further evaluated by the nurse practitioner. If the student agrees, charges based on the Southeast Hospital Physician’s LLC fee schedule will be billed to the student’s health insurance and/or student account.

Licensed Practical Nurse Services

Provide walk-in health care for students, no appointment needed. Nurses may perform TB skin tests, urine pregnancy tests and laboratory work. May be paid at time of service or billed to student account.

Family Nurse Practitioner Services

Administer allergy shots, treatment for illnesses/injuries, infections, STD’s, depression, sprains and strains, and well-women exams (pap & pelvic exams). Charges may be billed to student’s health insurance and/or student’s university account.

Laboratory Services

Lab Services will be billed to student’s health insurance and/or student account.

Over-the-Counter Medication

Over-the-counter medications are available for purchase and may be paid for at the time of purchase or billed to the student account.

Primary Care

Current students, faculty and staff may make an appointment at:

Southeast Primary Care
1723 Broadway, Suite 120
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Southeast Primary Care
817 S. Mount Auburn Rd.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

Southeast Primary Care is not a walk-in clinic. Charges cannot be billed to your student or faculty account. Applicable emergency services and/or physician office fees will be billed. For medical records requests, contact Southeast Primary Care.

Allergy Injections

Before an appointment can be scheduled for allergy injections, the following must occur:

  • Written order- obtain from your physician/allergist
  • Allergy Injection Consent Form- This form must be completed and signed by the patient
  • Campus Health Clinic Medical History Form- This form must be completed and signed by the patient
  • Vials- Bring or have your vials mailed to Campus Health Clinic. If you will be bringing your vials, keep the vials in a refrigerator until your appointment.
  • Tracking dose sheet- obtain from your physician/allergist

Send completed forms/vials to the Campus Health Clinic via:

Fax: 573-986-6030
Mail: Campus Health Clinic
One University Plaza MS 8050
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

To make an appointment for allergy injections, call 573-651-2270 or stop by the Southeast Campus Health Clinic.

Allergy Injection Appointment Information

  • A nurse will follow your physician’s instructions for administering allergy injections. If the instructions are unclear or if you are late for your injection, your physician will be contacted.
  • You must report to the nurse any current illness or any prescription or non-prescription medications you are currently taking prior to receipt of an injection.
  • You are required to wait 20 minutes after an injection. Nearly all serious reactions begin within 5-20 minutes after the injection is given. Inform the nurse immediately if you are having any itching, hives, coughing, sneezing, tightness in the chest or throat, wheezing, or difficulty breathing. If you have any of these symptoms after your departure, you should return to the Campus Health Clinic or report to the nearest hospital emergency room for prompt treatment.
  • It is recommended that you do not do any strenuous exercise for one hour before and one hour after an injection.

All reactions must be reported to the nurse before you receive your next injection. Local reactions of swelling and itching at the injection site: Please measure the size of the swelling (not the area of redness) and record the length of time the swelling lasts or stop by our office and let our staff make an assessment.

Campus Health Clinic FAQs

Does the Campus Health Clinic offer birth control?

We do not have samples of birth control. However, if you have a current PAP test done at our clinic, or have a normal pap test and have established care with the Nurse Practitioner, we can give a prescription for your birth control. This prescription can be filled at a pharmacy of your choice. If you do not have a current PAP test, you can schedule an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner to have this done. We usually will give you a prescription for a year supply for your birth control. We also test and treat STD’s and perform/teach self-breast exams. If your PAP is abnormal, we will refer you to the OBGYN of your choice for evaluation.

Can the Campus Health Clinic store my medications for me?

The nursing staff at the Campus Health Clinic can store injectable medications for you. We have a refrigerator and locked storage cabinets. However, if the clinic is closed, you will not have access to your medication. You will need to plan ahead. If your medication expires we will hold it for 30 days for you to pick up, after 30 days it will be discarded/destroyed per policy. We cannot use expired medications in our facility.

Does the Campus Health Clinic give allergy injections?

Yes. You will have to schedule an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner for an initial office visit to establish care. We will need a copy of a physician order from your allergist/doctor. Your doctor will need to mail your medication to our clinic or you can bring it to the clinic. We can store your allergy serum in our refrigerator.   Please note that we require you to wait 20 minutes after the injection to observe for any reaction. The Nurse Practitioner must be in office to receive your injection, so we do not give allergy injections from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM.

What vaccines does the Campus Health Clinic offer?

We offer the Hepatitis B series (series of 3 injections), Varicella (Chicken Pox, series of 2 injections), Menveo (Meningococcal vaccine), Tetanus and Diptheria Vaccine, Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccine, Gardasil Vaccines (series of 3 injections) and Influenza Vaccine (flu shot).

Can the Campus Health Clinic refill by routine home medications?

Yes and no. There are some medications that our Nurse Practitioner cannot prescribe. You will need to schedule an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner to discuss your health concerns and medications. You may also call the nursing staff at the clinic with a list of your medications and the nursing staff will let you know whether they may be prescribed by the Nurse Practitioner. If we cannot refill your medications, we will refer you to a physician on staff with Southeast Health.