Kohl’s Youth Diabetes Network


Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are on the rise in children and adolescents. In the U.S., about 150,000 people under 18 years have diabetes. Without treatment and action these children may experience the many complications that diabetes can cause.

Southeast Diabetes Center and the Kohl’s Cares® program have partnered to develop the Kohl’s Youth Diabetes Care Network. Programs offered through this network address prevention, detection and other unique needs of children living with diabetes and their families.

Kohl's Cares for Kids Merchandise

Since 2006, Kohl's has donated more than $160,000 to our Foundation
and the Youth Diabetes Care Network.

All net profits from the sale of these items at the Kohl’s store in Cape Girardeau support the Kohl’s Youth Diabetes Care Network, a service of the Southeast Diabetes Center.

Four times a year, Kohl’s introduces new high-quality plush animals and accompanying popular children’s literature at the great price of only $5 each. When you purchase these items, located near the registers at Kohl’s, you are helping area children with diabetes through the following programs:

Camp DAY Break

Camp DAY (Diabetes and Youth) Break is designed to serve children with diabetes between the ages of six and 13. The day camp helps children learn, in a fun and entertaining way, the art of coping with diabetes on a daily basis in the company of other children and teen volunteers who face similar problems.

Knowledge about self-management and the practice of self-care skills in this learning environment promote competency and confidence. Sharing feelings related to the responsibilities of taking care of diabetes are communicated within the group through the personal experiences children face growing up with diabetes.

Diabetes Emergency Training for School Personnel

This education program is coordinated through an agency in need of training for people who supervise and assist in the care of children with diabetes. The goal of this program is to provide those responsible with the abilities to assure a safe environment for children living with diabetes away from home.

Grandparent/Caregiver Workshop

When a person learns that someone in his or her family has been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s natural to be worried. This is especially true if it is a child who depends on you for decision-making and the provision of physical care. This workshop is offered to extended family members who supervise and care for children with diabetes.

The training provides written information, reference materials and skill practice specific to the child’s needs. The workshop is scheduled as needed to meet the needs of newly diagnosed children and their caregivers.

ID the Child with Diabetes

This program provides medic-alert identification to children with diabetes within the region so that, in case of emergency, responders are aware of the life-threatening problems that can occur with diabetes. Insurance does not routinely cover this expense, which is supported by the Youth Diabetes Care Network.

On the GO with Diabetes

Safe transport of diabetes supplies is a must. On the GO with Diabetes provides newly diagnosed children in our area with a safe method of transport for blood glucose meters, insulin and other required items that need specific temperature control. Insurances do not provide funding for the packs. Lifesaving medications need to be with a child at all times and the On the GO program makes that happen.

Teens with Diabetes

Teenagers with diabetes face unique challenges and need support to adjust to added responsibility and pressures as they mature. By this time, most children have the abilities required to manage diabetes but are just beginning to face the responsibility that comes with living with diabetes.

The Kohl’s Youth Diabetes Network provides teens with the most recent reference material to help manage diabetes. Certified diabetes educators also are available to assist in coordination of appropriate resources based on patient-specific needs.