Diabetes Resources & Support

There is plenty of information available about diabetes management and prevention. We have listed some valuable resources below.

Internet Resources for Diabetes


dLife.com is sponsored by the weekly television program on DNBD. Includes question and answer forum with Certified Diabetes Educators. Video replays of the show episodes with experts, slideshows and blog posts. This site is very positive and complete with research, up-to-date "diabetes in the news," advocacy information, food and fitness, experts and celebrities in the world of diabetes.


At this American Diabetes Association sponsored site, find news about research, fundraising, diagnostic criteria, prevention and treatment. There are recipes and tips for lifestyle change and an opportunity to submit questions through the "Ask the Experts" option.

Choose My Plate

This USDA supported site has personalized food plans and is focused on the plate method for grouping foods. ChooseMyPlate.gov is interactive and allows you to personalize a food and activity plan. This site replaces the "mypyramid.gov" site.


The CDC diabetes page offers a wealth of reliable information about diagnosis, treatment, lifestyle changes and prevention of diabetes. Most information is also available in Spanish. Some publications can be ordered free of charge.

National Institutes of Health

A National Institute of Health site with facts about diabetes, downloadable recipes for heart healthy eating, and information about hypertension and high cholesterol. Follow the "Public" information tab to downloads and printable options.


BAM = Body And Mind. This is a colorful, interactive site to help kids and families learn about good health habits - everything from diseases like diabetes to healthy food choices to stress and peer pressure. This site is offered by the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control.

SparkPeople & SparkTeens

SparkPeople.com and SparkTeens.com are online support websites that offer tips on staying positive while making changes in eating habits and activity. You can track food choices and physical exercise daily and read encouraging comments from others who are also making changes. SparkTeens is designed for young people, ages 13-18.

Food & Menus for Diabetes

Trying new recipes is a great idea to keep up your enthusiasm for a healthier lifestyle. Remember to use recipes that include nutrition values and portion sizes so that you can work those new foods into your diet plan.

Smart Phone Applications for Diabetes

These applications can provide on-the-go information about restaurant foods, calories burned in physical activity, and an on-the-spot way to track your new habits. Many free apps are available:

Corporate Websites for Diabetes Information & Diet

Most companies that produce monitors, diabetes medications and insulin, diabetes-related nutritional products and publications about diabetes have informational websites. You can usually find them by typing the company name and viewing the home page.