Reflux Management

There’s good news for people with gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD). SoutheastHEALTH offers the LINX Reflux Management System which greatly improves the quality of life for those whose lives are disrupted by GERD and don’t want to continue taking a proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) due to adverse side effects.

LINX PreventingRefluxImagewebWhat is LINX

  • The device is a flexible, quarter-sized, bracelet of magnetic titanium beads
  • This minimally-invasive procedure implants the bracelet around the esophagus

How LINX Works to Make Lives Better

  • The LINX system supports the muscle that opens and closes to allow food to enter and stay in the stomach
  • Procedure requires 24 hours or less in the hospital
  • Once implanted, the device starts working right away
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • No dietary restrictions

Who Benefits Most

  • Those who experience acid reflux on a very frequent basis
  • Those who have not found symptom control through medical therapy

It is Effective

  • Five-year data proves long-term efficiency and effectivesss
  • Nationwide, more than 12,000 patients have benefitted with long lasting results

About Acid Reflux

  • Nearly 20% of the U.S. adult population experiences acid reflux symptoms on a regular basis
  • Acid reflux has a variety of causes that can lead to GERD
    • Diet
    • Genetics
    • Age
    • Previous injuries
  • Treatment options include
    • Simple lifestyle changes
    • Medication therapy
    • Proton-pump inhibitor (PPI)
    • LINX