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Healthier You in 2022

SMALL changes can make BIG improvements to your overall health and wellness.

Each month we will have a different challenge that aligns with one of the 7 simple steps the American Heart Association suggests we take to achieve ideal heart health and stay healthier longer. Those challenges will include:

  1. March - Get Active
  2. April - Eat Better
  3. May - Manage Blood Pressure
  4. June - Reduce Blood Sugar
  5. July - Stop Smoking
  6. August - Weight Management
  7. September - Control Cholesterol

Get Active

Adults should aim for 150 to 300 minutes of moderately intense aerobic activity every week. But you can cut your time in half if you engage in vigorous aerobic activity—at least 75 minutes a week. Learn more about how fitness and exercise can improve your health.

Eat Better

When it comes to food, variety isn't just the spice of life. It's also the key to health. An easy first step to eating healthy is to include fruits and vegetables at every meal and snack. All forms (fresh, frozen, canned and dried) and all colors count, so go ahead and add a rainbow of health to your diet. Learn how eating better can help your heart.

Manage Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, usually doesn't have any symptoms you'd notice, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). For this reason, many people have high blood pressure and don't even know it. Learn how high blood pressure can harm the body and what you can do to manage it.

Reduce Blood Sugar

Blood glucose (aka sugar) is an important fuel for your body. It comes from the food you eat, so it’s important to eat smart. Over time, high levels of blood sugar can damage your heart, kidneys, eyes and nerves. Cut back on added sugars and calories with these tasty tips and tricks.

Stop Smoking

Smoking damages the circulatory system and increases the risk of multiple diseases, but the good news is that lungs can begin to heal themselves as soon as you stop. Learn more about how the body heals in the minutes, hours, months and years after you quit smoking.

Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for your health. Diets that promise quick weight loss aren't usually successful. Learning to balance healthy eating and physical activity can help you lose weight more easily and keep it off. Check out these weight loss tips that can help you take a new approach to weight loss.

Control Cholesterol

By following a healthy diet, you can improve your LDL (bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol, which will help reduce your risk for heart disease and other health problems. Learn how your diet can help your cholesterol.