Hospice Staff

Southeast Hospice staff includes:

  • Administrative Assistants
  • Bereavement Counselor
  • Medical Social Workers/Counseling
  • Nurses and Nurse Assistants
  • Physicians
  • Spiritual Counselor
  • Therapies (physical, occupational, speech, dietary)
  • Volunteers

Team Staff Members

Vickie Schnurbusch
Vickie Schnurbusch, MSN, RN, CHPN
Southeast Home Care Services Administrator

The Homecare Services Director is responsible for the overall administration of the Southeast Hospice, Home Health and Building Blocks programs, consistent with goals and objectives established by SoutheastHEALTH. Inherent with this responsibility is the financial management and daily operations of all aspects of the Home Care Programs. Vickie has been a member of the Southeast Hospice Staff since 1994. She has served as a staff nurse, Patient Care Coordinator and now Director of Homecare Services. Vickie is the Southeast Hospice representative to the state and national Hospice and Palliative Care Associations, and is a board member for the Hospice Advisory Council appointed through the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services.
Andrew Moore, MD
Southeast Hospice Medical Director

Andrew Moore, MD is the Medical Director for Southeast Hospice, working in collaboration with the hospice Nurse Practitioner. Dr. Moore is an integral part of the team, addressing each patient’s needs in weekly team conferences and by being available to the hospice staff 24 hours a day for additional patient needs and concerns. Dr. Moore is not new to the Southeast Hospice team, he has been the Assistant Medical Director for several years and is excited about assuming the role of Medical Director and working more closely with the hospice team.
Gina Frazierhospice
Gina Frazier, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Gina Frazier, MSN, APRN, NP-C is a family nurse practitioner. Gina began her nursing career in 2002 and hospice nursing career in 2008. Her previous nursing experience includes working in neurology/neurosurgery, oncology, case management and appeals writing. As the Southeast Hospice nurse practitioner, she routinely visits patients and families in their home and nursing facilities to provide symptom control and education about chronic, life-limiting illness. She is also involved in providing education in the community about the care of both the chronically ill and terminally ill patient. Her practice philosophy is “Education is the most powerful drug you can give a patient, and the most effective coping skill you can provide for families.” She feels providing open and honest communication along with respect, dignity and compassion is the best gift we, as health care professionals, can give patients and families while they navigate the challenges of a chronic or terminal illness.
Teal Biri
Teal Biri, BSN, RN, CHPN
Patient Care Coordinator

The Patient Care Coordinator processes referrals and provides the initial clinical interaction with the hospice patient/family. The Patient Care Coordinator reviews patient cases on a continuous basis to ensure needs are being met. The Patient Care Coordinator coordinates the hospice team services for patients, daily scheduling of staff and supervises the entire hospice team. Teal began with Southeast Hospice as a Registered Nurse in 2001 and became the Patient Care Coordinator in 2013. Teal’s goal for Southeast Hospice is to provide comfort and dignity. We strive to help our patients be able to add life to days when days can no longer be added to life.
Gary Tinsleyhospice
Gary Tinsley, BSN, RN
Hospice Team Coordinator

The Hospice Team Coordinator assists the Patient Care Coordinator with processing referrals and scheduling visits. The Team Leader also assists with the Interdisciplinary Group Meeting weekly and keeps track of patient’s recertification periods. Team Leader also sees patients as a Registered Nurse. Gary came to work at Southeast Hospice in 2004 as a Registered Nurse. In the fall of 2015, he was appointed Hospice Team Leader. Gary has over 29 years of nursing experience with many of those years being in cardiac care and ICU nursing. Gary is always eager to help do whatever is needed to assist patients and staff meet their goals.
Vicky Hyslop
Vicky Hyslop, MSW
Social Worker

Vicky Hyslop, MSW has been a social worker at Southeast Hospice since 2001. Vicky has a wealth of knowledge to help guide families along their hospice journey. She is a strong patient advocate and is dedicated to making the difficult journey at the end of life as full of dignity and comfort as possible for each Southeast Hospice patient. Vicky believes that it is an honor and privilege to share in our patient’s lives, hear the wonderful stories, see the love and commitment, and work together to make a difference.
Julie Metzger
Julie Metzger, LCSW
Bereavement Coordinator & Counselor

Julie has been a social worker since 1984. She began her employment with Southeast Hospital as a hospice social worker. She has spent the last 17 years as the Director of Case Management/Social Services Department, but rejoined the Southeast Hospice team in July of 2018. Julie enjoys the opportunity to get to connect with and provide support to each patient and family, focusing on treating the whole person and the quality of each day.
Stan Hargis
Rev. Stan Hargis
Spiritual Counselor

The Hospice Chaplain is available to provide spiritual support to hospice patients and their families. A hospice patient may have their own minister, priest, or rabbi and may choose not to receive visits from the Hospice Chaplain, although each family will be contacted upon admission. At any time while in hospice, patients or families can choose to add Chaplain visits. Services the Hospice Chaplain may provide include: Prayer, Communion, Baptism and assistance with funeral services, if desired. Stan has served as the Southeast Hospice Spiritual Counselor since 2008.
Robert Conway
Robert Conway RN

Robert (Bob) Conway, RN has been a Southeast Hospice RN since 2007. Bob states, that at the nursing homes he has made a point of getting to know a lot of the staff which helps him to have a good working relationship with them. In getting to know patients, families, caregivers he tries to use appropriate humor to build relationships and tries to meet people where they are at in their journey.
Ginger Rampleyhospice
Ginger Rampley, BSN, RN, CHPN

Ginger Rampley, BSN, RN, CHPN has been with Southeast Hospice since 2000 and has her certification in Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing. She has 32 years of nursing experience, with many years specializing in cardiac care. Ginger is compassionate and very knowledgeable regarding disease progression and symptom management. She is calm under pressure and is seen as a leader among her peers. Ginger expressed that being able to help someone get relief from horrible symptoms, and return quality to their life is the most rewarding part of her job as a hospice nurse.
Pam Simmons
Pam Simmons, RN

Pam Simmons, RN is a new addition to the hospice team. Pam has been a nurse since 1994, and has years of experience in geriatric, orthopedic, long term acute care, oncological, and psychiatric nursing. Pam is a wonderful addition to the hospice team and reports she looks forward to being able to spend one on one time with her patients; guiding and supporting them during their time of need.
Teresa Harrison
Teresa Harrison, RN, BSN

Teresa Harrison, RN is new to Southeast Hospice, joining our team in July of 2018.  Teresa is returning to SoutheastHEALTH, as she started her nursing career in 2003 at Southeast Hospital in CTU. Prior to that she worked as a paramedic in Joplin, MO. Teresa’s nurse background also includes pediatrics, where she was working for the Jackson R-2 schools. Teresa is a wonderful addition to the hospice team with her kind smile, and reassuring attitude towards everyone she comes in contact with. Teresa remarks that being a hospice nurse is more than an enjoyable job, but rather it’s where she has found her passion.
Lydia Bohnerthospice
Lydia Bohnert, CNA
Hospice Nurse Aide

Lydia Bohnert, CNA has been employed by Southeast Hospice since 2013 . She enjoys the one - on - one special attention she is able to provide her patients and the bonds of friendship that can be created at a time in someone’s life that they need a friend the most.
Karen Schererhospice
Karen Scherer

Karen Scherer, Hospice Secretary has been an employee at SoutheastHEALTH for 35 years with 24 of them being in the hospice office. Karen is usually the first person to ever talk to a potential Southeast Hospice patient or family member. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and abounding in patience. Her warm demeanor put even the most nervous caller at ease. Karen is responsible for ordering the supplies needed for patients and staff, she overseas all the behind - the - scene needs required to run a dedicated and professional office. Karen describes her time working in hospice as am opportunity to learn something new everyday. My job is rewarding and the my co - workers are focused on making each day of our patient’s lives the best they can be.
Bev Hefnerhospice
Beverly Hefner
Billing Secretary

Beverly Hefner, Hospice Billing Secretary has been with Southeast Hospice for 17 years. Beverly assists with fielding phone calls from families, answers critical questions regarding billing issues and works with insurance providers, Medicare and Medicaid to best assist hospice patients with their financial needs. Beverly is the calm voice on the other end of most phone calls made to the hospice office. She is warm and genuinely caring about every patient touched by Southeast Hospice services. Beverly remarks that she is blessed to work along side such a Christian group of individuals and is proud to be part of the Southeast Hospice team.
Lynn Borenhospice
Lynn Boren, BSW
Volunteer Coordinator

Lynn Boren, BSW, Volunteer Coordinator has been a member of the Southeast Hospice team since 1996. She worked the first 21 years as a Hospice Social Worker and in 2016 stepped into the position of Volunteer Coordinator. As Volunteer Coordinator, Lynn is the point person for the volunteer program; recruiting, training and supervising the Hospice Volunteers. Lynn also assists with providing community education programs, and special events. Lynn expressed that working along side of the Southeast Hospice Team has been a life - shaping career choice. Everyone of my co - workers and volunteers are devoted to making sure the patients of Southeast Hospice get the best care possible. I am honored to know each of them and proud of the care they provide.