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C.O.O.L Camp

Picking up the Pieces

This activity encourages discussion about grief reactions of each participant, illustrating both the common feelings associated with a loss and the differences in coping of each individual. Also allows for sharing of memories and memorialization.

Directions for Picking up the Pieces

M&M Game

Through this activity, families can identify their feelings of brokenness and use the support systems in their lives and happy memories of our loved one to mend the cracks. Thus, showing that after a loss we will forever be changed but healing can take place.

Directions for the M&M Game

Memory Bracelet

This activity helps children redirect their feelings about the loss to positive memories and interests of their loved ones. This will help them retain a connection with them despite their physical absence (they can wear the bracelet when they are missing their loved one). This activity will help them remember details about their loved one they might forget at they get older.

Directions for Memory Bracelet