Southeast Lab Services

As part of a regular checkup, to get a diagnosis, or perhaps to provide a benchmark, your doctor may request one or more laboratory tests. Southeast Lab Services offer a full range of lab testing as well as Outreach Courier services and blood storage in order to meet the transfusion needs of our communities.

We provide many tests on-site, such as:

    • Chemistry : Basic and Comprehensive Metabolic Panels, Lipid and Triglycerides, Electrolytes, Glucose, Hemoglobin A1C, Liver Function panel, Iron Panels, Amylase, Uric Acid, and many others
    • Immunology: Influenza A/B, Hepatitis, Mono, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Thyroid panels, PSA, Total hCG, and other hormones
    • Hematology: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Sedimentation rate (ESR), Hemoglobin and Hematocrit (H and H), Platelet counts
    • Coagulation: Protimes with INR (PT), D-Dimers, PTT
    • Urine: Urinalysis (UA), Urine protein, Urine cultures, Urine drug screens
    • Blood Bank : Blood type, Antibody screen, Blood Crossmatch for transfusions
    • Microbiology : Cultures including Organism identification and antibiotic sensitivities for all sample types
    • Pathology : Diagnostic tissue biopsy results, Histology, Cytology

    Lab Draw Station Locations

    Appointments for lab blood draw collections are not necessary at any of our Southeast Lab locations- walk-ins are welcome.