Work Injury Management

An essential core value in the approach and management of work injuries is a detailed history, rapid treatment and return to work. Such a review is a “win-win” situation for both the employee and employer. Timely treatment and return to work benefits the employee by allowing full attendance and minimizing lost wages. Limiting time off work and subsequent fitness de-conditioning helps prevent future reinjury.

Assessing Your Injury

The in-depth analysis of a work injury in respect to “cause” is a critical step toward prevention and, ultimately, reduction of employer liability. The first assessment following a work injury or incident can offer significant insight into all human factors related to the injury such as any pre-existing health issues, prior injury patterns, etc.

Treating Your Injury

Injury Care Locations

Injury care is available at Southeast Occupational Medicine from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Friday at the HealthPoint Plaza location and at Southeast Hospital’s Emergency Services Department 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.
Communication between the employer and healthcare provider at the time of the injury helps coordinate needed services and support, and provides to the physician any additional information about the incident including any activities pre- and post-injury. Drug screening results following confirmation of non-negatives are communicated to the Designated Employer Representatives (DER).

Case Management

As noted above, every effort is made to return an injured employee to work in an appropriate capacity. Follow up care in the Occupational Medicine Clinic is arranged after Emergency Department care. The Occupational Medicine staff will pro-actively communicate with the employer to ensure that the recommended follow-up care is provided. In addition, the staff will notify the employer of any missed appointments. This will ensure that no injured employee “falls through the cracks” with respect to work injury follow-up care.

Getting You Back to Work

Upon each visit, workplace recommendations for the injured worker are explained to that employee with a copy of those recommendations sent to the employer. We encourage comments and observations on these work recommendations so that we can be sure to meet your company’s needs and expectations.

The Occupational Medicine Clinic staff will, with approval, coordinate out-of-clinic activities and/or special studies and will communicate these appointments and results to the designated company representative. All communications related to the injured individual are conducted within HIPAA guidelines.