Treating Hand & Wrist Conditions

Southeast Hospital’s orthopedists specialize in treatments for hand and wrist conditions. The Center’s medical, surgical and rehabilitation staffs work closely with orthopedic surgeons and specialists with Advanced Orthopedic Specialists to provide the highest quality care for patients.

Southeast’s orthopedists specialize in:

  • Arthroscopic surgery of the hand and wrist
  • Thumb Joint Replacement
  • Repair and reconstruction for tendon injuries of the hand and wrist
  • Carpal tunnel release;
  • Fracture repair and other procedures

Patient Experience: Patty Boyers on Thumb Joint Replacement

After suffering with arthritis pain at the base of her thumb for many years, Patty finally reached out to Dr. Andrew Trueblood of the Southeast orthopedic medical staff for his Simpler Solution to thumb joint replacement. Before surgery, simple daily activities like curling her hair, writing her name or opening a jar were extremely painful. Now Patty is back to living a pain free life.