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Southeast Lab Services, previously located at 62 Doctors’ Park, is now open at 60 Doctors’ Park, upper level. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 4:30 pm.

Pediatric Orthopedics

Southeast Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is pleased to offer you pediatric children's orthopedic services, right here in Cape Girardeau. You won’t find this specialty elsewhere in our area.

From broken bones to scoliosis, we're experts in the unique needs of children with orthopedic problems. Our goal is to help your child get back to being a kid.

Why Choose a Children's Orthopedic Doctor?

Children's bones are still growing. This can make evaluating and treating their orthopedic issues very different from treating those of adults. That's where pediatric orthopedic surgeons come in. To become a pediatric orthopedic doctor, our board certified doctor completed advanced fellowship training.

Our team isn't just knowledgeable about children’s orthopedic issues. We're compassionate. We know that doctor's visits can be scary and stressful for kids. That’s why we make a special effort to help children feel at ease.

For example, our doctor will talk directly to you and to your child—never over your child's head.

Orthopedic Pediatric Conditions We Treat

Kids see our pediatric orthopedist for a variety of bone, joint or muscle concerns. Here are some of the conditions we diagnose and treat:

  • Injuries caused by trauma, including fractured bones
  • Scoliosis (idiopathic, juvenile, early onset, congenital and neuromuscular) and other spine problems
  • Disorders that are often congenital, such as hip dysplasia, clubfoot, angular deformities and limb length differences
  • Walking (gait) abnormalities

We treat many conditions and injuries without surgery. Some of the solutions we may offer your child are bracing, casting, splinting and physical therapy.

But if your child needs surgery, you can feel at ease. You have access to a skillful surgeon with years of experience from major medical and research centers. Fracture care and procedures to correct scoliosis, such as spinal fusion and growing rods surgery, are just a few of the surgeries our doctor performs.

Make a Pediatric Orthopedic Appointment

You can request an appointment with our children's orthopedist online or call us at 573.519.4960. You don't need a referral.