Treating Shoulder & Elbow Conditions

Southeast Hospital’s orthopedists specialize in treatments for shoulder and elbow conditions. Thecenter’s medical, surgical and rehabilitation staffs work closely with Advanced Orthopedic Specialists to provide the highest quality care for patients.

Southeast’s orthopedists specialize intreating:

  • Biceps tendon disorders
  • Elbow or shoulder dislocation or instability
  • Fractures involving the shoulder or elbow
  • Joint replacement for shoulder or elbow conditions
  • Osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis in the shoulder or elbow
  • Biology of rotator cuff healing

Treatment Options

  • Surgery/Joint Replacement
  • Rehabilitation options
  • Pain-relief injections

Total Shoulder Replacement

For patients with a small rotator cuff tear who have experienced pain and loss of function for six to 12 months.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement

For patients with both a large tear and cuff tear arthropathy in which rotator cuff muscles no longer function properly and can’t be repaired.

This procedure places the socket on the tip of the humerus and attaches the ball directly to the shoulder blade, incorporating the deltoid muscles to help restore mobility.